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The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Photography For Small Businesses Part 1: Strategy

by Jeff Delacruz2020-03-13
This guide is spilt into 3 parts, designed to help small business owners become more successful with social media and in particular with their photos.   We’re going to start with the basics of social media marketing & how to plan out a simple yet effective social media strategy. In Part 2, we’ll talk about […]

The Cost of Product Photography in 2023: How to Budget Your Next Shoot

by Jeff Delacruz2020-03-11
The price for professional product photography has a huge range—no wonder so many business owners have a hard time budgeting for product shots. And it’s easy to put these on the bottom of your to-do list.  After all, so many brands invest so much money into their logo, branding, and website design, they often forget […]

4 Tips For Art Directing Your Product Photography Shoot

by Jeff Delacruz2020-03-11,
It’s easy to believe that your job is complete once you’ve selected the right photographer. And, although selecting selecting POW Photography was the best choice for your product photography, and even though we know we will rock this out for you, we want to share a few tips that will allow you to take our […]

What Is Product Photography? Tips, Examples, and Best Practices for 2022

by Jeff Delacruz2020-03-09
Product photography is a niche within commercial photography that specializes in shooting products that are typically for sale.

10 Product Photography Tips & Strategies for Business Owners

by Jeff Delacruz2020-01-29,
Create a product photography strategy that goes beyond simple photos. These 10 expert tips will take your listing to the next level & beat the competition!

Google Display Network Indesign Template

by Jeff Delacruz2019-12-10
If you're building google ads in indesign, this is a simple template you can have for free. You're welcome!

The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Image Requirements: Everything You Need to Know for Your Product Photos

by Jeff Delacruz2019-10-16
This is the Ultimate Guide To Amazon's Image Requirements.  Filled with a consolidated list of links and off the book tips and tricks you would only know if you've photographed product for over 10k Amazon Sellers.  

How To Use Instagram To Get Awesome Lifestyle Photography

by Jeff Delacruz2019-10-11

Getting lifestyle photography for your small business doesn't have to break the bank!  Learn how Mamoo kids uses instagram photographers to help her create amazing lifestyle images for her website & social media.  


5 Instagram Strategy Tips For E-commerce Brands

by Jeff Delacruz2019-10-11
Recently, the team at Products On White Product Photography had the opportunity to interview one of our favorite clients – Rikita Kapadia, the founder of luxury beauty brand Cocovit!  In the interview, we took a deep dive into the background and details about why Rikita founded Cocovit, and then focused on one of our favorite subjects […]