Clothing Photography Services By POW!

Ghost Mannequin Photography & Lay-Flat Clothing Photography

Our Clothing Photography Is Special

We’ve photographed it all from designer dresses to strappy swimsuits.  No robots or fancy machines, we take an old school approach.  Everything  garment is carefully prepped, styled, lit and photographed by a professional then retouched to perfection. 

Our experience is key.  We’ve photographed 1000’s of garments for 100’s of clients.  Our process and attention to detail guarantees the high quality photos you need to stand out.

Different Types Of Clothing Photos 

Clothing photography ecompasses a lot of different types of categories.  See some examples below.

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Ghost Mannequin
Clothing Photography

Ghost Mannequin Photography is an extremely complex process. Having an experienced photographer that is in perfect sync with a great retoucher is important to a successful shoot.  Here at POW, there’s no denying that we’ve mastered this balancing act and regularly produce high quality apparel photos for brands both big and small.

Clothing photography flat-lay example

Clothing Photography

Overhead Flat-lay Clothing Photography is all about prep-styling and on-set styling. Our team steams or irons every garment carefully before it goes to set for photography.  When on set, we consider every fold and pleat as we’re shooting, pinning or fluffing to get the garment to look it’s best.  Our lighting is designed to showcase the shape of the apparel and enhance the texture of the fabric.  

We’ve Done It All!  Apparel Photography & Beyond…

Mens Clothing Ghost Mannequin Suit

Clothing Photography

Womens Clothing Ghost mannequin Example

Clothing Photography

Childrens clothing photography

Clothing Photography

Baby Clothing

Clothing Photography

Assesories Clothing Photography

Clothing Accessories

sock photography

Sock Photography

Shoe Photography

Shoe Photography

Hat Clothing Photography


3 Reasons Why Our Apparel Photography Is So Great

Pow Photography Studio

Professional Experienced Studio

We’ve done this before… a lot actually. Photographing clothing at a professionally requires a level of detail and understanding that only comes with time.  Our photographers have been doing this for 10 years and have the experience nessesary to make your photos stand out.

Prep Styling Included In Every Order

Our stylists care about making your apparel look it’s best. Prep styling is included in every order.  Every garment is steamed or ironed before photography.  Every fold, pin or tuck is carefully considered.  Our stylists go above and beyond.

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Expert Retouching Team

A killer  retoucher is the secret sauce to any clothing photoshoot.  From compositing a multi-shot ghost mannequin to smoothing out a wrinkle in a shirt with a complex pattern, our retouchers have the ability to take your photos to the next level.

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