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360 Spin Photography

360 Spin Photography Explanations

-What Are 360 Spin Photos?

A 360 spin is comprised of 24, 36 or 72 total high-resolution individual photos of a product as it is spun around a turn table.  You can add code to these photos so they can be “grabbed” and spun on a website.  They can also be exported as videos or animated gifs.

360 Spin Photos Are Not Videos

360 Spin photos are different from a video because each photo is captured individually, as opposed to filmed.  A video cannot be “Grabbed”, it just plays through.  A video cannot be retouched like a 2D image, which allows us to create super clean high-quality images.  A video can be created from a 360 spin, but it will not be interactive.


360 Spin Photos Are Not A 3d Object or CGI

This is different from a 3D object / CGI Rendering which is wire framed and can be interacted with more dynamically in a VR environment.  360 spin is comprised of 2D images still images.  High quality 3D images are very difficult and expensive to create and may look fake or like video game objects.

How Do I Order A 360 Spin Photo

This service is only available by special request.  Please send us an email describing your product, how many products you need done in 360 spin, and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

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