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Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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360 Spin Readiness Checklist

A 360 spin is very different from typical product photography, and requires some special accommodations. Are you ready for a 360 spin?

We’ve created this checklist to consult before you order a 360 spin:

  • I understand what a 360 spin is and how I’d like to use it
  • I have an account with a hosting site like Sirv for my spins
  • I know how to embed a 360 spin on my website or listing
  • I’ve researched how to use a 360 spin image on my ecommerce platform of choice
  • I understand the benefits and limitations of 360 spins with POW

Understanding 360 spin:

To determine if a 360 spin is right for you, you must first understand what it is and how this service differs from other formats. 

360 Spin Photos 1280X824 1 - What Is 360 Degree Spin Product Photography -

A 360 spin is actually a bunch of individual images that are taken at slightly different angles. When put together in a special hosting software, it puts the images in order and gives the illusion of spinning. The software uniquely allows the viewer to “grab it” and spin it manually with their cursor, but really you are sequencing through individual images.

The example above shows a gallery of 18 of the 87 photos used to create the final spin below.  We hosted these photos on sirv.com

24, 36 & 72 Frames Per Spin Example

24 Photo Spin

36 Photo Spin

72 Photo Spin

With POW, you can order a 360 spin composed of 24, 36, or 72 images. The more images you order, the smoother and less choppy the spin will be.  On the flip side, the more photos per spin, the more expensive it is to create and the larger the file; this may result in slower load times.  We recommend the 36 frame spin as a good middle ground.  You'll notice its still smooth and the cost is cheaper than a 72 photo spin.

Because a 360 is composed of many photos and an interactive element, there is a lot more involved with 360-spin photos. You’ll notice that you get a super high-res photo of each and every angle; all 24, 36, or 72 of them, depending on your selection. We retouch all images, making each one a completed product photo. Go ahead and pick out a ¾ angle or shot of the back of the product from the lot for use on your website or as a listing image.

360 Spin vs 3d Rendering

A 360 spin is not a 3D model. As discussed, 360 spin are composed of 2D still photos of your product that gives the illusion of 3D. 3D models, or CGI renderings, are built in a 3D environment. You can see an example of 3d objects on Turbosquid.  3D objects are difficult and expensive to create and may look a bit fake, like a video game object when done cheaply. They also require special hosting to display on a website and most ecommerce platforms do not support native 3d objects without the help of a developer.

Example of a 3d rendering 

Hosting your 360 spin:

Special hosting software is the key to the 360 spin and the ability for the viewer to “grab” and manually spin the images. POW will deliver your 360 images via a Zenfolio link, like a typical order. We deliver the images titled in sequence,  with each spin in it’s own folder. For your POW 360 order to be more than a sequence of slightly different photos, you will need to find a hosting software that works for you. 

After placing your spin order with POW, it’s up to you to choose how and where you’ll be hosting your spins. We’re recommending Sirv, but there are also hosts like Cappasity. Hosting sites typically offer free starter accounts, but you may find the need to upgrade to meet all of your 360 spin needs. 

Embed a 360 spin on your website:

Once you’ve decided on a host for your 360 spin, you will also need a bit of technical knowledge to implement it on your website. For example, if you're using sirv you can get the script, which goes into the header. The script pulls the application that will run the 360 spin on your website. Then you’ll embed the code which says what the spin actually is. To use this, you will need to be on a website platform that allows you to insert script in the header, like Squarespace or Shopify. You’ll also need to be able to embed html; most custom platforms can do this. 

Screen Shot 2020 09 10 At 103736 Am - What Is 360 Degree Spin Product Photography -

Using 360 on your ecommerce platform:

Implementing 360 spin differs based on the ecommerce platform, so you’ll need to make sure you can use it and know how to use it on your chosen platform. Currently Amazon vendors can use 360 spin while Amazon 3rd party sellers cannot; this may change in the future, but it’s worth keeping in mind. 

Note that for most platforms, you won’t be able to embed HTML code, and instead you will need to manually upload the images. Hosting platforms like Sirv also offer plug-ins to use on ecommerce sites like shopify.

Sirv - What Is 360 Degree Spin Product Photography -

Sirv has a great step-by-step library on how to host 360 spins on your ecommerce platform.

Benefits and limitations to POW’s spins:

Once you’re prepared to host and implement your 360 spin, it’s time to consider how you’d like your spin to be. There are some limitations to the 360 spins that POW can provide:

  • We can't do a multiple grab at this time; so for instance, no side to side and up and down in the same spin.  We can only spin at 1 angle like the example above.
  • We cannot suspend objects in air for a spin; the product will need to sit flat on a surface.
  • We cannot do clothing or ghost mannequin 360 spins.
  • We cannot create custom lighting situations. The lighting on 360 spin photos is more simple than on a standard pow photo because of the movement.
  • Reshoots and redos are very limited because of the cost and time associated with creating this spins

360 spins are unique and offer exciting new benefits. Spins provide a clearer understanding of your product, resulting in fewer returns. Many studies report an increase in sales because of 360.  The interactive elements of 360 are catching and engaging. With extremely specific direction, we can even create a simple, demonstrative animations within the spin; you can see an example of this in the microphone above.

Another benefit of the 360 spin as mentioned previously, is that you get as many as 72 individual retouched product photos of varying angles. You can use the individual images by themselves or use your hosting software like Sirv to create animated gif or videos of your spin!


High Res Still Image

Uses:  Listing Image on website or Amazon.

Shoe 43 Scaled 1 - What Is 360 Degree Spin Product Photography -

Animated Gif exported from Sirv

Uses:  Embed in marketing emails or website.

72 New.spin?Image=72&Amp;Gif - What Is 360 Degree Spin Product Photography -

Video Clip exported from Sirv

Uses: Add as b-roll in a video or use on social media.

How To Place An Order:

To place an order with POW for your 360 spin, visit our Quote Request Page and fill out the form.  We’ll get back to you with a quote right away!

Pricing is variable based on what you require. Please fill out the form.

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