Product Photography Pricing

Simple Base Pricing

Our pricing is based on the total number of photos + any upgrades. 

Created with Sketch. 37.99 per photo 2 - 9 Photos 34.99 per photo 10-19 Photos 1 Photo 39.99 per photo
Created with Sketch. 32.99 per photo 20-34 Photos 29.99 per photo 35-50 Photos 50+ Photos Request A Custom Quote Click Here


Add upgrades below to the base price to calculate your per shot price.  Mix and match different combinations when adding your photos to the cart to get the photos you need and check out all at once.

Turn Around Times 3 Business Day Rush 3 business days or less from when we recieve your product. Guaranteed. 7 Business Day Standard 7 business days or less from when we recieve your product. Guaranteed. Free 24 Hour Rush 24 hours or less from when we recieve your product. Guaranteed.
Free Group Photos 1 - 2 Items In The Photo There is no additional charge for photos with 1 or 2 items in it. 3-5 Items In The Photo Add $10 to the base price if you have 3-5 items in the group photo. 6-10 Items In The Photo Add $20 to the base price if you have 6-10 items in the group photo. 10+ Items In The Photo Contact us first if you have big groups with 10 or more items.

Standard Image Formats Amazon Ready Jpeg Amz Formated at 3000px Square specifically for Amazon Listings. High Resolution Tiff File A huge 3000px or larger, 300dpi image file. The most versatile file you can get. Get 1 Format Free Pick 1 or Pick Both For +5 per photo Pick Both
Advanced Image Formats Layered High Res Tiff + Paths For Adv. Photoshop users only. Includes path outlines + layered product/background. The product on a transparent background delivered at 3000px web-ready PNG. Transparent PNG’s
Specialty Photos
1 Free Test Photo - Try Us Out Risk Free! Free Return Shipping On Most Orders Worldwide, Unlimited Usage Forever High Resolution Images (min size 3000px @ 300dpi) Free Redos If You Provide Shot Direction Professional Basic Retouching Included We Offer
We Can Match Any Angle Or Lighting Standard 7 Business Day Turn Around Meets All Amazon Image Requirements Amz Rush Turn Around Times Available Shareable Online Delivery Gallery, Access Forever Features Formally Trained & Highly Tested Photographers

Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

Is the price per photo or per product?

The price is per photo. So if you have 1 product that needs a front, back and side; that would be 3 photos.

Can you return ship my products after the shoot?

Yes! After we deliver your photos you can tell us to return ship your products.

If you've spent over $75 we'll cover up to $20.

If you've spent over $500, we'll cover up to 4% of the final price.

You can also send us your own label, or request a Paypal invoice for the cost if you don't qualify for Free Shipping.

How does group pricing work?

Let's pretend you want 3 different group photos.

Group 1 has 3 bottles = 3-5 item group
Group 2 has 5 bottles = 3-5 item group
Group 3 has 6 bottles = 6-10 item group

We categorize groups based on the number of items in the group. So in the example: Group 1 and 2 both fall into the 3-5 Item Group Catagory. When you place the order you will add a quantity of 2, 3-5 Item Group Photos to the cart. Then click start your order, and add a quantity of 1, 6-10 Item Group photo to the cart separately.

Bulk discounts will be applied automatically.

How do I calculate my price?

First, figure out how many total photos you have. Let's imagine you have 3 products. You want a straight on individual photo of each product and 1 group photo of all three.

3 - Individual Products...........3 x $37.99 = $113.97
1 - 3 Item Group Photo..........1 X $47.99 = $47.99
4 total Photos.................................................$161.96

Next, go to the Ordering Page and add 3 individual products to your cart. Click Start Your Order and add one 3 item group photo to the cart. Then check out.

Learn More About The Process

Can you shoot with food?

We can, but there are a few rules.

1. You must provide the food for the shoot. This is best done through a food delivery service like Instacart. Email us and we'll be happy to provide further direction on how to coordinate this.

2. We are not food stylists and we don't have a full kitchen, so simple arragements without cooking are best.

3. Reshoots based on how the food was styled are not available. If you feel you need a more sophisticated food experience we recommend working with a traditional food photographer.

Can I just send you my stuff and you figure it out?

No, please don't send us your stuff without an order! Customers who don't understand the process and try to operate outside of it almost always have a bad experience with us.

Please take some time and read the How it Works Page

Have more questions?  Check out our support page!