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What Is Product Photography?

What Is Product Photography?

Product photography is a niche within commercial photography that specializes in shooting products that are typically for sale.  Product photographers are unique in that they tend to be more technical photographers than others since lighting is typically done in a studio environment that is totally controlled and the goal is to clearly show the product being presented.   Creativity for a product photographer is usually found in lighting and props choices, since the main subject is typically decided by the client.

There are different types of product photography which are related to business use. 

Different styles of Commercial Product Photography include:

  • Ecommerce product photography is a specific style of product photography that centered around images for ecommerce listings.  
    • Hero Image or Main Listing image photos are photos are the white background photos that are used to display the product itself being sold.
    • Secondary listing images are ecommerce images that can provide additional detail of a product on the listing.  This 
    • GS-1 product photography is a highly specific shot list and image requirements.  Most retailers do not require sellers to meet GS-1 image requirements anymore although it is still referenced in packaged the food sectors often.
  • Creative Product Photography is a general term for product photography that uses creative elements like props, backgrounds, models or environments to tell a brand story or impress viewers visually.  They are used for advertising, branding or selling purposes.

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Written by Jeff Delacruz

Jeff is the President & Cofounder of POW Photography. For the last 10 years, he's been working directly with small businesses owners to help them improve their ecommerce listings with better photos.