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Specialty Services

Clothing Photography Services

Professional Clothing Photography & Accessories

Over the years, we’ve developed a process to streamline our clothing photography service and get our clients high quality images at affordable prices. We light each product to show off the texture of the fabric to give your clients a clear idea of what they’re purchasing.

Whether you’re looking for a simple Flat Lay Clothing Photography, Ghost Mannequin Photography or photos of your accessories, we offer various styling options to fit your brands budget!

Consistent Clothing Photography

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Professional clothing photography requires more work than a box or a bottle.  Each item needs to be steamed or ironed and perfectly positioned on set or it'll look messy.  This requires an attention to detail and experience to maintain consistency across a brand.  Customers shopping online and retailers expect this level of imaging and our product photographers are more than up to the task.

Clothing Photography To Fit Your Needs

From our top notch customer service, prep styling and steaming every garment, professional photography, and expert retouching we include everything needed to make your clothing look great!
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Prep Styling

Our Clothing Options 

Layflat Clothing Photography

Our most popular clothing style. Great for a clean and minimal look that shows off the entire garment.

Ghost Mannequin

A specialzied photo where we photograph the garment on a mannequin then use photoshop magic to remove it and give the item shape.  

On Hanger

If you just need something simple, hanger is the way to go.  This is a clean, low-cost style that works for almost all clothing brands.

Clothing Accessories

We have experience photography hats, socks, shoes, bandanas, masks and more. Prices vary based on difficulty

Put the Focus on Your Apparel

A clean white background is the industry standard for ecommerce clothing photography and allows the focus to be on your product. Get creative with shadows, styling multiple garments together or close ups on unique features.

We Love Working with Monica and Andy

“We struggled with consistency in our photos. Lighting, scale, and composition were challenging aspects from collection to collection. POW has an effective system in place to achieve consistency for all our images.”

Clayton Dibble
Director Of Visual Merchandising + Creative Assets
Monica & Andy

Masters In the Art Of Clothing Photography

When it comes to clothing photography, every detail matters. From shirt photography to dress shots, the key to making your garments look their best is all in the prep styling. A perfectly steamed or ironed piece of clothing, combined with the right clothing lighting, can make all the difference on your ecommerce website. After all, nobody wants to buy a frumpy, wrinkly garment – it has to look clean and new.

With over a decade of experience in various aspects of clothing photography, including studio fashion photography and creative clothing photography, we offer three non-model photography options for easy online ordering.

  1. Flat Lay Clothing Photography: Our flat lay clothing photography service focuses on meticulous prep styling and precise positioning on an overhead table. This method requires a spacious studio to allow both an overhead shot and room for our stylist to position each piece of apparel perfectly.

  2. Ghost Mannequin Photography: Our standout ghost mannequin photography service involves styling each item on a specialized mannequin. Two photos are taken and composited together, creating the illusion of the garment being worn without a model. This technique adds shape to the clothing while showcasing it professionally. Our experienced clothing photographers have mastered the skill required to execute this complex process flawlessly.

  3. Hanger Photography: If you're looking for a simpler and more budget-friendly option, consider our hanger photography service. It includes all the prep styling associated with clothing photography, but the garment is simply hung from a hook and lit to make it look attractive.

You might wonder why we don't offer on-model clothing photography. The truth is, working with models can be costly and complex when done professionally. It typically requires a model, a hair and makeup stylist, a prep-stylist for the clothing, a photographer, and a studio or location to shoot in. Considering the costs and time involved, this type of shoot can be out of reach for most buyers. That's why we don't offer it as an online ordering option. However, if you're interested in fashion product photography with models, feel free to reach out to us. We'll do our best to either produce the shoot or provide a referral.

Our range of services, from flat lay clothing photography to Ghost Mannequin clothing photography, ensures that we have the perfect solution for your brand's needs. Don't hesitate to contact us for all your clothing photography requirements.