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Welcome To POW Creative Studios!

Our Story

Hello there and thanks for checking us out! We’re thrilled you’re here. We’re Lindsey, Sara & Paul - the lead team here at POW Creative Studios, where we live and breathe product photography. We all initially met at Products On White Photography, where we connected through our mutual passions for product photography and B2B connection. After years of working together, we combined our individual experiences, interests, and strengths to create something new and exciting

- POW Creative Studios

Meet The Team

We understand the importance of visually showcasing your products in the best light possible.
Paul Zimmerman

Paul - The Head Of Photography

Paul is our head of Photography and one of the original founders of POW Photography. With over 2 decades of experience behind the camera, Paul’s primary focus is bringing your products to life!
Lindsey Monroe

Lindsey - The Project Manager

Lindsey is the person to call with your latest project idea! With over a decade of experience in the photography industry, Lindsey helps make sure that projects run smoothly and consistently from start-to-finish.
Sara Katkar

Sara - The Creative Director

Sara is our in-house Creative Director, and she’s here to provide creative oversight and bring visions to life! With her past experiences in photography, retouching, styling and quality control, she’ll oversee all the creative elements of a shoot from concept to completion.
Professionally, we’re photographers, retouchers, creatives, digital experts, and hustlers. Unprofessionally, we’re runners, rowers, foodies, beer drinkers, and more. But above and beyond we’re humans who enjoy connecting and working with other good humans. Quality photography with a human-centered connection is where we like to be.

We’d love to hear about your project and how we might partner with you to create something really amazing!

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