Lifestyle Photography 
Composite Services

We Photoshop Your Products Into A Professional Stock Photo Perfectly. All The Benefits of Lifestyle Photography Without The Hassle Or The Cost!

What Is A Lifestyle Photography Composite?

In Short: We photograph your product & photoshop it into a professional stock photo & use special techniques to make it look real.
  •  All inclusive pricing
  • Pick your stock photo from the worlds largest library
  • We photograph your product to match the lighting in the scene so it looks realistic
  • Our retouching team uses advanced techniques to match shadows & highlights
  • The cost is 10x cheaper than a traditional professional lifestyle photoshoot resulting in the same or better results
  • Perfect for Amazon Listing Images or Shopify Banner Images

Lifestyle Composites Are The Easy & Affordable Way To Get Lifestyle Photography


Realistic Composites

Our work speaks for itself. When done correctly the product should feel natural in its setting. The fact that it was a composite should be an afterthought.

It takes more than just a good retoucher to do this. It takes somebody with a special eye for light, color and composition that can assemble these images together. Take a look at our portfolio and see some of the wonderful creations we’ve made for brands around the world.
See Our Portfolio

3 Reasons Why Our Lifestyle Composites Are Special

Custom Lighting Makes 
Our Photos Look Real

If you just drop any old product photo into a stock image it will look fake. It will look like you put a sticker of the product in the photo.

We examine the lighting in the stock photo and take a photo of the product that mimics the same lighting. When we composite the product into the scene, we use all the shadows to make it look real.

It Takes A Special

You can’t just watch a Youtube video and learn how to do this. The techniques used in this process are some of the most advanced techniques in photography.

Our retouchers are some of the best in the industry and have years of experience retouching products & compositing photos. We take pride in our ability to do create these photos at this level and work extra hard to ensure that these composites are the best.

A Complex Process
Made Easy

Creating these images takes a lot of work. Each images has many touchpoints on it’s journey to creation within every department in the business. Keeping this organized is the key.

We’ve figured out how to integrate this special shoot into our workflows so that it seems deceivingly easy to get these photos at a professional level, on-time and of the highest quality.

Our Lifestyle Composites Vs. Actual Lifestyle Photoshoots

Our Service

Our Lifestyle Composite Service

$150 Per Photo
We created Lifestyle Composites because Traditional Lifestyle is too expensive to do professionally & Bargain Lifestyle Shoots produced poor results.

For most sellers, this is the best option because the results are a professional looking lifestyle photo at a rate that is still affordable.

Their Service

Traditional Lifestyle Photoshoot

$2000 - $10,000 A Day
This is what every seller wants but few can afford. To get photos this good, you need a team of professionals nit-picking each detail to perfection. These shoots take multiple days to produce and can involve up to 10 professionals and this talent isn’t cheap.

We don’t offer this service because of the expense & difficulty to produce.

Their Service

Bargain Lifestyle Photoshoot

$500 - $2000
Some companies offer cheap lifestyle photoshoots that are not produced at a professional level. Cutting professional’s from the budget results in low quality results. We’ve even seen people offering selfies with your product and calling it lifestyle photography.

We don’t offer cheap services like this because the quality does not meet our standards. This is not a professional way to present your product to your customers.

How To Order A Lifestyle Composite

  1. Watch the video to understand the basics.
  2. Download & fill out the spreadsheet Shotlist
  3. Check-out our Pre-approved Stock Photo Gallery On Pintrest
  4. Submit your request on our quote page.
  5. We’ll review & confirm we can do it & invoice you.
  6. Once paid, send us your products & follow the step by step emails.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Lifestyle Photography Composites

Do You Shoot With Models?
No.  This service is different than a traditional lifestyle photos shoot.  You will find a stock photo online and we will photograph your product special and retouch it into the scene.  No actual models are hired for the shoot.
How Does your process work?
1. Go to the Custom Quote page and choose the Lifestyle Composite tab.
2. Watch the “How It Works” video
3. Create a shotlist using the template and submit the request.
4. We will review the request to confirm we can do it and respond.
5. If everything looks good, place your order using the link provided.
What Is Your Pricing?
Lifestyle Photography Composites cost $150 per photo.  

This include:
• The cost of the photo
• The cost of the retouching
• The cost of the stock image
Can You use An Existing Product Photos?
No.  What makes this service special is that we photograph the product to match the lighting in the scene.  If we don’t do this, it may not look realistic.  
Can I Be On Set During The Shoot?
No.  We are a remote service.  Send us your products & we’ll photograph them.
What's Your Turn Around Time?
Turn around times are 7 business days from when we receive the products.