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What Makes A Great Product Photographer

by Jeff Delacruz2021-10-06
What Makes A Great Product Photographer After working the product photography industry for my entire career, I've found that there are a few traits that define a really great product photographer. A great product photographer is professional, a technical photographer & has a unique visually creative view of the world of object. Professionalism A professional […]

The Best Product Photographers In Chicago

by Jeff Delacruz2021-09-28
You would think that finding the best product photographers in Chicago would be as easy as a Google search.  Unfortunately, Google’s taste in photography is questionable to say the least and the algorithm floats some unusual results to the top.  That’s why I wrote this article.  As a veteran product photographer in Chicago I feel […]

What is the Best Lens for Product Photography

by Jeff Delacruz2021-06-09
Introduction A camera is only as good as it’s lens. Make sure to read the Best Camera For Product Photography first before you proceed; we recommend the Canon 6d Mark II or Canon 6d Mark I as great camera bodies to pair with these 2 amazing product photography lenses. I live and breathe product photography. […]

The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Photography For Small Businesses Part 3: DIY Photography

by Jeff Delacruz2020-09-01
As stated in Part 2, it’s best to turn to DIY photography when it comes to social media images because of the volume of photos required to make an impact makes hiring a traditional freelance professional photographer too expensive.  Save them for the more complex shoots for special photos that will get reused over and […]

The Best Camera For Product Photography

by Jeff Delacruz2020-07-22
Introduction As the owner of a big and busy photography studio (POW! Photography) that shoots hundreds of product photos every day, I get asked what the best camera is for product photography all the time. Over the last decade of shooting, we've narrowed it down to 2 camera bodies that our photography team stands by.  […]

Webinar With Shopify: Product Photography That Converts Visitors to Customers

by Jeff Delacruz2020-04-17
Shopify Compass Check out this fun webinar we did with in partnership with Shopify, hosted by Gwen Elliot, Sr. Course Producer for Shopify Academy .  We go over everything you need to know to create high quality product photography that converts. This webinar was created as an introduction to the Shopify Academy course hosted by POW! […]

Our Interview With Steven Pope From

by Jeff Delacruz2020-03-31
Check out a fun interview with Steven Pope, owner & Amazon Consultant from  We're talking about amazon product photography tips.

The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Photography For Small Businesses Part 2: Curating Content

by Jeff Delacruz2020-03-13
Once you have a firm grasp of how to create a marketing strategy that suits your business, then you're ready to start creating content. In terms of social media photography for small businesses there are four types of image content creation to consider in your marketing plan. Free Or Paid Stock Photography,  professional photography , […]

The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Photography For Small Businesses Part 1: Strategy

by Jeff Delacruz2020-03-13
This guide is spilt into 3 parts, designed to help small business owners become more successful with social media and in particular with their photos.   We’re going to start with the basics of social media marketing & how to plan out a simple yet effective social media strategy. In Part 2, we’ll talk about […]

What Should I Charge For Photography?

by Jeff Delacruz2020-03-11
If you're a product photographer or a business shopping around, you may be wondering what is the standard price for product photography.  For the last 9 years i've managed the inbound sales for POW! Photography and prior to that I worked as a commercial freelance photographer.  Below are some of the lessons I learned regarding […]