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Webinar With Shopify: Product Photography That Converts Visitors to Customers

Author: Jeff Delacruz
Date Created: 2020-04-17
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A Thumbnail From The Video Conversation Titled Product Photography That Converts Visitors To Customers Between Products On White Photography Ceo Jeff Delacruz And Shopify Academy

Shopify Compass

Check out this fun webinar we did with in partnership with Shopify, hosted by Gwen Elliot, Sr. Course Producer for Shopify Academy .  We go over everything you need to know to create high quality product photography that converts. This webinar was created as an introduction to the Shopify Academy course hosted by POW! President Jeff Delacruz.

Written by Jeff Delacruz

Jeff is the President & Cofounder of POW Photography. For the last 10 years, he's been working directly with small businesses owners to help them improve their ecommerce listings with better photos.

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