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If you’re placing an order through our website you’ll notice there’s lots of different options to choose from. This page will walk you through all the choices and how to determine what you need. For large orders (50+ photos) visit this page for a step by step guide.

Before ordering, make sure to review our How It Works page. Customers that watch the two videos on the How It Works page end up having the best experience with us!


Step 1: How To Place An Online Order

Video Tutorial

Below we have a short video tutorial that will walk you through placing your order online. We’ll cover each ordering option more in depth in this guide!

Start your order by clicking the button below, or the Place Order button in the top right corner of our website.


What’s Your Product?

Under What’s Your Product? you can choose the product type.

what's your product

Group Photos

The Group Photos: # Of Items In The Photo category is where you’ll select the number of items that will be in the shot. If you’re not sure, click on Learn More below the category for some examples. For images with 10+ items, please contact us beforehand.

group photos


The type of Background you need may vary. Some group photos can look great shot on Glossy White or with our Hard Light Shadow option. Check out our quick guide or contact us with your questions.

order backgrounds

Turn-Around Time

For the Turn-Around Time, just tell us how quickly you need the photos! We offer three different options: Standard, Rush for +$20 per photo, and 24 Hour Rush for +$60 per photo.

order turnaround

Hand Photos

Tell us whether you need a hand in the photo under the Hand Photos category. An additional $10 per photo fee applies for these images.

order hand photo

Product Size

Tell us what your Product Size is. Most products fit into the Standard category, but we can accommodate most items up to 4ft on the longest side. For items over 4ft, please contact us before ordering to confirm we can shoot it.

order product size

File Types

For the Standard File Type option, just choose the type of images you’ll need. If these images are for your Amazon listing, the Amazon Ready Jpeg will be the best choice. You can also order both the Tiff and the Jpeg for an additional $5 per photo.

order standard file

If you need Advanced File-Types for specific uses, choose which you want here. There is an additional $5 per photo fee for each advanced file type. The Layered High Res Tif + Clipping Path is a designer’s file for experienced Photoshop users, and the Transparent PNG offers a transparent background.

order advanced file

For more information on the different file types we offer, check out our File Types page.

Add To Cart

And that’s it! Choose how many photos you need at the bottom, then click the Add to Cart button.

add to cart

If you also need to order other types of shots, simply click Continue Shopping in the bottom left corner of your Cart page to add the different shots.

continue shopping

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