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Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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Watches can be a challenging product to shoot. Each photo is crafted from multiple images that are shot and retouched carefully to produce a beautiful final result.

Watch photos are considered Specialty Photos. An additional $30 per photo fee applies for watch photos.

Watch Inspiration Images

There are four different angles that are standard for our watch photography. Use the photos below to come up with some ideas - you can use them as reference photos when providing direction!

Angle 1: Straight On

This angle shows off the face of the watch and a bit of the band above and below the face. We deliver high res images so every detail of the watch face is displayed beautifully.

watch straight on Watch Photography

Angle 2: Rotated 15 Degrees

When you rotate the watch by 15 degrees, more of the band will become visible to the side of the watch depending which way you rotate it. The watch face is still the focal point of the photo, but this angle adds depth and dimension to the image.

watch 15 degrees Watch Photography

Angle 3: Side or Back

Shooting the watch from the side will show a full view of product. This angle is great for secondary listing images to display the thickness of the case and band, as well as the small details such as the clasp and even band links.

watch side 1280x1280 1 Watch Photography

A shot of the back of the watch will show the band opposite the watch face. This angle shows off the band and clasp, as well as any small details such as brand or company logo embossed on the clasp.

watch side or back 1280x1280 1 Watch Photography

Angle 4: Face Close Up

A close up shot of the watch face with the band laid flat and angled towards the corners of the image is a great photo for a secondary listing image. The side of the watch face is displayed, giving the product dimension and showing the thickness of the case. A portion of the band is shown from an angle so your customers can almost see just how it will look when they’re wearing it!

watch face close up Watch Photography

Alternative Angles

The three angles listed above are the most commonly requested and standard for the industry, but if you have a creative idea you can show us your inspiration image. Follow Step 2 on the How It Works page for providing custom shot direction, or visit this page!

How To Order Watch Photos

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HowtoOrderWatches Watch Photography

Fill in the other categories and select the options you need. For a step by step guide that covers all the options available in the ordering form, check out our How To Place Your Order page!