Do You Photograph Soft-goods?

Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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Unfortunately, we cannot photograph bedding if it is out of the packaging. The reason is that our standard pricing model does not take into account the added time to steam and prep these items.

Soft-Goods Stylists Are Specialists

Professional soft-goods stylists are special and typically charge a day rate beyond our standard rates and therefore we don't keep them on staff. Folding these items perfectly is an art form and typically done by an experienced soft-goods stylist. In order for us to make a profit, the cost of hiring these individuals and the time prepping these items begin to equal that of a traditional photo shoot.

In addition, we have found that these types of items require a live art director on set to approve the shots as they are photographed so that minor adjustments can be made while the product is in its perfectly styled form. They cannot be set up the same again after the product has been moved from set. On set art direction is something POW is unable to offer due to the remote nature of our service.

Where Do I Find A Soft-Goods Stylist?

Soft goods stylists are not usually easy to find. They are highly specialized and known within the photography community usually by referral. It’s best to find a photographer who specializes in this type of photography and work with their team of stylists as opposed to finding your own.