Can You Change The Color Of My Product To Another Color?

Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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Hue Shift/Colorways Overview

If you want to change the color of one product to another this is called either Hue Shifting or Colorways.

Changing the color of your product to other colors in Photoshop seems like a great way to save a bunch of money. However, we’re very cautious about accepting jobs where Hue Shifting is a part of the order and there is a great misunderstanding about the ability to accomplish this with professional results.

What Can & Can't Be Hue Shifted?

  • A dark blue can shift to a dark red very easily without issues. However, dark blue struggles to shift to a light red and the bigger the difference, the more it falls apart and looks fake.
  • A color within a complex pattern or text & cannot easily be shifted to another color. For example: if the text is red & the background is pink, the pink could not be shifted without manually selecting each letter resulting in hours of work.

Pricing & Ordering

We typically only agree to Hue Shifts once we’ve seen the product and can evaluate the possibility in person. We will need the actual product anyways to make the hue shift so that we can see the actual color we are shifting to.

  • Standard Hue Shifts cost $10 per photo which includes the cost of clipping.
  • Advanced Hue Shifts cost $80 an hour in 15min increments.

This time is so unpredictable, we only can estimate this portion of the project after we’ve seen the product.

Adding Color To Clear Items Can Look Bad

Hue Shifting Clear Item - Can You Change The Color Of My Product To Another Color? -

If an object doesn't have any color ( white, black or clear ), it can't be hue shifted to another color. The only way is to add color to the item using a method called Colorizing. Colorizing tends to look fake and is not recommended.

Instead, have your white, black and clear items photographed separately and then photograph an item with color and hue shift that image to the other colors.

How To Place A Colorways Order

Colorway Shot Direction - Can You Change The Color Of My Product To Another Color? -

  1. Start a shot list of using the excel spreadsheet shot list.
  2. Itemize out each final photo you'd like and the color you want the product changed too.
  3. Email the shot list to us for a custom quote. We'll price it out and annotate the items we can shift and which ones we'll need to shoot.
  4. We'll send and estimate and if you approve you can place the order.
  5. Send the actual product that you need so that we can match the color or provide a Pantone swatch color for us to target. We will not know what color to shift to without this.

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