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15 Common Product Photography Mistakes to Avoid in Your Ecommerce Business

by Karthika Gupta2022-11-08,
Retailers already know how important product photography is for their business. It’s an investment that takes time, money, effort, and commitment. You don't want to waste your product photography investment. One way to avoid that is getting to know the most common mistakes many brands make with product shots, so you can avoid making them too. […]

How to Nail Your Shopify Product Photography in 2022

by Karthika Gupta2022-09-07
In today’s world of online everything, effective product-based ecommerce websites need to immediately convey the value of their products. The average online shopper’s attention span is only around 10 seconds or less. To stand out, websites need to show potential customers what a product looks and feels like—and convince them it’s something they really need. […]