How The Process Works

Step 1: How To Place An Online Order
Product Photography By POW! | | How it Works | Step 1 |

Step 1: Place Your Order Online

Start With A Shotlist
You can’t place an order until you know how many photos you want.  Use the excel template to help itemize your photos. Review Step 2 for best practices.

Place Your Order Online
Place your order using our online ordering system. This makes placing orders super easy!

You can add different configurations; like individual photos, group photos or photos with hands.  We offer lots of different options.

Estimating a project can take time, even with our quick response times.  Our online ordering system, is designed to give you the exact pricing that you need with out the wait.

Step 2: How To Provide Direction
Product Photography By POW! | | How it Works | Step 2 |

Step 2: Email Us Match Examples

Email Us Match Images
Reply to the “Order Confirmation Email” with your match images after you place your order. We recommend adding match images into the excel template as shown in the video and attach it in the email.

There Are 2 Ways Provide Match Images

Show Us With A Cell Phone Photo

  1. Take a cell phone photo of your stuff on your desk (it doesn’t have to be nice).  When we get your products we’ll match your camera angles or group arrangement, but we’ll light it & retouch it to make it look awesome.

  3. Find Existing Images Online For Us To Match

Find existing images online and we’ll match them.  Reference the url that they're on or take a screen shot and add it to your shot list.

Learn More About Providing Direction

Get Organized Our Shotlist Template

As you prepare your product for shipment, remember that clear guidance is required to be eligible for reshoots and the money back guarantee.

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Step 3: Send Us Your Products

After you’ve placed your order, send your products to the address below. We do not pay for inbound shipping, but you might qualify for free return shipping.

Once we have received your package we’ll confirm that everything has arrived & your turn around time will begin.


Send Products To:
Attn: Order # (insert order #)
POW Photography
4510 N. Ravenswood Ave, Ste B
Chicago, IL 60640


*Please don’t send products without placing an order. We will not be responsible for them. 


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Step 4: We Photograph It

Your products will be photographed on our professional sets by formally trained & highly experienced product photographers. Your turn around time is guaranteed!

Turn Around Times

  • Standard Turn Around time is 7 business days from the time we receive the product and the order is placed.
  • Rush Turn Around time is 3 business days from the time we receive the product and the order is placed but costs +$20 per photo.
  • 24 Hour Rush is available on a case by case basis for an additional $60 per photo.

* Turn around times above are for orders under 50 total photos. Contact us for larger order details.

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Step 5: Review & Approve Photos

You’ll be sent a link to a handy online gallery where you can download the images.

Our Totally Reasonable Reshoot Policy

  • If you tell us clearly how to photograph your product and we don’t do it that way, we’ll redo it for free.
  • If you change your mind or want something different then what you specified in the directions then that will be a paid reshoot.
  • Minor photoshop adjustments are always free.
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Step 6: Return Ship & Close

If you want return shipping, just let us know when you approve your images.

Our Return Shipping Policy

  • For orders under $500 with an order value greater $75, we will cover up to $20 in shipping fees.
  • For orders over $500, we will cover up to 4% of the final sale price.