Step 2 | How To Provide Shooting Direction

Step 2 | How To Provide Shooting Direction


Clearly communicating the client's vision to the customer is the most important but difficult part of any photoshoot.  We require basic shooting direction in order to qualify for free reshoots or redos.  This does require a little bit of work, but customers who take time to provide thoughtful direction and follow the directions below have a great experience with us and get the photos they envision.


Step 2 Provide Direction

How To Provide Direction Walkthrough

1. visualize Your Photos & Make A List

Imagine your listing & what photos you want for it. List all the photos in the spreadsheet linked below.  You may have already done this when placing your order online. 

Let's pretend that we're selling a makeup brush set on Amazon.  We want 3 individual photos of each brush & 1 group for a total of 4 photos.  List them in the spreadsheet, like in the example below.


2. Tell Us How To Shoot It


Two Ways To Show Us Your Vision

Take a cell phone photo of the arrangements your looking for on your desk like the example above.  It doesn't need to look nice we just want to know in general what you're looking for. 

You can also find existing links on other websites and we'll match it.  Just copy and paste the website's URL link in the corresponding cell in the spreadsheet.

Take A Cell Phone Match Image

(Recommended) Set up the arrangements on your desk & take a cell phone photo.  It doesn't have to look good, we're just need to know how to position them.

Provide A Link To A Website Image

You can also find images that exist already and ask us to match those.  If you have previous photos you want matched, reference them.


Cell phone images Tell The Story Quickly & Clearly

A quick cell phone photo can easily explain all 3 of these things at once.  It's faster & more clear than trying to describe this arrangement in words. 

What's In Each Photo
What's Are The Items Are In The Photo?

Product Position
Are the products rotated in the photo or straight on?

straight on .jpg

Camera Postion
What is the camera height?


3.  Add photos To Your Shotlist & Reply to The Email

Now simply drag and drop the images in to the spreadsheet.  You can annotate the spreadsheet with any extra notes you might have.  

When your done, reply to the confirmation email and attach this spreadsheet.


Common Shot Direction Questions

What if I don't want to provide direction?  You decide.

For direction we have a simple rule, if you show us how to shoot it and we don't do it that way, than we'll redo it for free.  If you don't tell us and waive the right to direction than reshoots based on positioning are not free.  

In our experience, customers usually have some sort of vision in mind but they don't trust their own judgement.  Nobody knows you're product better than you do, so trust yourself.  Customers who follow the process and provide direction have the best experiences with us.


I don't know what the best photos to do me!

If you don't know what photos to request start by looking at Amazon of what others have done in the past with similar products.  There's probably lots of different photos that could spur on creative ideas.  It's not stealing to be inspired or do something similar to another photo as long as it's a new photo created especially for you. 

If you still don't have ideas, feel free to setup a meeting to discuss some ideas.  Ultimately, you are responsible for deciding the final match images, but we're happy to help out.


Can I give you a bunch of match examples and you decide?

Sometimes instead of giving no direction, customers will provide lots of different photos and tell us to pick one.  This can be very confusing for our Photographers.  If you have several ideas, please only commit to one.  Otherwise you won't qualify for free reshoots.


Do I need to provide lighting direction?
We're experts at lighting, which is probably one reason why you hired us.  So when I comes to providing lighting direction, we typically don't hear guidance on this and that's fine.  If you like the images in our portfolio, this is how we try to light most things.  

However, there are instances where our customers have very specific lighting requirements, like matching past photoshoots so that the images blend it.  We can do that!  You just need to provide us a match image for the lighting & if the product is similar we can match the lighting.

Learn more about lighting direction