General Shooting Direction

What We Need & Why

If someone sent you a box of products and asked you to photograph them where would you start?  Do you photograph them individually or as groups?  If groups, how should they be grouped together?  There are an thousands of possible combinations of groupings, rotations and angles that you could do.  

Detailed List Of What We're Looking For

  1. A list of photos.  
    Use this excel template to keep a tally of what needs done or you can list it out in an email.  Since you can't place an order till you know how many photos you have, this is a requirement.
  2. The items in the photos.
    If there's 1 product in the photo which product?  If there's 3 products, which 3?
  3. Product rotations ( straight on or rotated)
    Is it a front, back or side shot.  If it's a group, how should the products be positioned.
  4. Camera Angles ( straight on or above to show the top)
    We can shoot them at a low camera angle or at a higher angle to show the tops.
  5. Lighting
    There are 4 ways to provide lighting direction detailed below.


Sounds like a lot of work?  Don't worry, we've developed some quick ways for you to provide direction.


The Easy Ways To Show Us What You Want

Step 1: Provide A List Of Photos. 

  1. A Small Order 1-10 Photos
    If you've only order 1 - 10 photos, it seems like a lot of work to fill out a spreadsheet.  In these cases you can just list it out in an email.  Be sure to be specific and answer the important questions above.
  2. A Large Order Of 10+ Photos
    Use this excel template to keep a tally of what needs done or you can list it out in an email.  Since you can't place an order till you know how many photos you have, this is a requirement.

Step 2:  Add Match Images To Your Shot List

The goal is to show us 3 things from the list above; what items are in the photos, what product angles & what camera angles.  Here's 2 quick ways to do that!

Option 1:  Show Us With A Cell Phone Photo (recommended)
Set the product on your desk and take a cell phone photo (it doesn’t have to be nice). When we get your products we’ll match your camera angles or group arrangement, but we’ll light it & retouch it to make it look awesome.

Option 2:  Find Match Images Online
Find images of similar products online and we'll match them.  Amazon or a Google image search is a great place to start.  If it's clear what image on the url don't need to add photos, instead you can just copy and paste the URL and paste it into the directions.  

Option 3:  Let Us Decide (not recommended)

For direction we have a simple rule, if you show us how to shoot it and we don't do it that way, than we'll redo it for free.  If you don't tell us and waive the right to direction than reshoots based on positioning are not free.  Photoshop adjustments are always free.  

There are an infinite number of variations to position a product and we cannot guess what you have in mind.  Some of our clients are ok with letting us decide how to photograph their products and understand that reshoots based on position are paid.  We want to make sure that you have a great experience with us and having a good understanding of how this works is an important part of it.

Step 3:  Providing Lighting Direction

There is no preferred way that our customers provide lighting direction.  Review the 4 options below and choose what reflects your comfort level.  

     4 Ways to Provide Lighting Match Example

  1. Request to have us match lighting from a previous order.
  2. Find examples of similar products that has lighting you like on other websites.
  3. Request to have us find a lighting example online that we think you would like.
  4. Let us to decide & waive the right to reshoots based on lighting.

*Learn More About Providing Lighting Direction


Helpful Resources To Prep Your Order