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✅  Status: 100% Operational

  • ✅New Order Turn Around:All new orders are on-time & turn around times are guarranteed.
  • ✅ Existing Order Turn Around: All existing orders are on-time.
  • ✅Upgrades: All upgrades are available.  All Rush services are available.
  • ✅ Revisions:  All revisions are on time.
  • ✅Large Orders We are accepting large orders.
  • ✅Return Shipping: Returns are getting caught up.  Special requests are being prioritized.
  • ✅Deliveries: Send us products.  We are accepting deliveries through USPS, UPS & Fedex but not in-person drop-offs.
  • ✅Customer Service & Sales:  Call or email your questions, we’re here for you.

June 18, 2020

Hi POW Friends,

We are now back to 100% operations.  All services are being offered without delay.  Rush orders are once again being offered and delivered on time, guaranteed! 

Rush was one of the last remaining services that we were holding back on because we didn’t want to offer it until we we’re sure we could deliver.  Staying true to our promises is important & now we can promise that if you order 3 day rush, we will deliver it without question.

Like many other businesses, adjusting to the new rules and after spending time shut down, it’s been a real struggle for us to get to this point but we’ve persevered.  

Thanks again for your support!  

Jeff Delacruz


May 23, 2020

Hi POW Friends,

Memorial Day is always a milestone in the year for me.  First, its a day to remember fallen soldiers which as a veteran myself I personally mourn a few special individuals.  However, as a business owner connected to the retail/ecom industry, this typically signals a transition into a ramp up that will build until Christmas.  We enter this season with such great uncertainty that I can’t help share the anxiety that as a seller you are probably experiencing as well.

To stay positive, I can’t but focus on the little wins.  For POW, this Memorial Day is special because we have done it, we have transitioned into a fully functioning photostudio while practicing all safety protocols.  This was easier said than done and if you haven’t been through it yet, allow yourself double the amount of time you think it will take.  Just getting everyone used to the grind again and finding a rhythm itself takes some adjustment but I feel like we’re there.  We are open and shooting with just a few disruptions tied to social distancing safety.

We will be running a big sale starting on Tuesday, May 26th through the end of the week for Memorial Day.  So be prepared for an email if your on our list.

Thanks again for being our customer and working with us.  On behalf of myself and the whole team we really appreciate your business.

Jeff Delacruz


May 12, 2020

Hi POW Friends,

Today marks a special day.  We can officially guarantee 7 business day standard again.  We’ve worked hard to make this happen over the last few weeks.  Our turn-arounds are a promise to you and we do not make this change lightly.

There a still a few lose ends that we are working on tying up, so we will not be able to offer rush turn-arounds temporarily.  We hope to have that updated by next week but we don’t want to offer it until we 100% know we can do it.

We are running a flash sale today & tomorrow!  Like other businesses, we have seen a significant slowdown in sales since this began.  We know that we are not alone in this and times are scary.  However, if you can, I hope that you can support us by placing orders over the next few days to keep our photographers working.

Thanks for all the customer support over the past 2 months.  We are working hard to be there for you during this time.

Jeff Delacruz


April 29, 2020

Hi POW Friends,

I have some really good news!

The state has changed some rules and over the next 10 days we will slowly and carefully be bringing back our photography team. Sets will be distanced more than 6 ft apart, which is easy in our 7000 sqft studio for 6 photographers. Shifts will be staggered. Masks will be worn. Anyone who can work from home will continue to. The safety of our team is paramount.

This change will allow us to reinstate guaranteed turnaround times, hand shots, remove limitations on returns and a whole lot more! We expect this transition to be completed by May 11th. This is a huge change from our co-founder Paul shooting every order himself.

We are proud to say that through this we have maintained our whole team and we are staying positive. If you have placed an order with us recently, I want to thank you for all your support. Your orders have helped us tremendously.

These days with everyone shopping at home your ecommerce listing is more important than ever. However, we understand that in these uncertain times your focus may be on more pressing things.

As we make this transition, I want to encourage you to place orders if you can. Our team will be prepared!


Jeff Delacruz


April 23, 2020

Hello POW! Friends,

We are still partially open, accepting orders with the caveat that they might be delayed and most importantly we will survive this!  That’s something that not a lot of businesses can say these days and we’re grateful to be in a position to be able to say that.

Chicago is still in a stay-in-place status and our co-owner Paul continues to shoot it all.  Our retouching and cs staff are all comfortably remote right now and we’ve gotten into a bit a of a groove with it.  Our photography team is staying-in-place at home.  We believe that we will be some of the first to re-open since our studio is so big that we can practice proper social distancing at work.

Today, is the first time we’ve had a true delay in orders of 2-3 business days.  We’ve informed those customers affected personally and let them know.  Right now we believe that transparency is the key.  There’s no sugar coating what’s going on right now but so far everyone has been understanding.

After this wave of delays, we expect to get caught up and be back to 7 business day standard.

Thanks for your support.  Please continue to place orders with us, we need it during this time more than ever.


Jeff Delacruz

April 04, 2020

Despite everything, we  continue to fulfill orders on time & have capacity for more!

As you can imagine that this is easier said than done.  Our retouching, revisions and customer service team have all transitioned and settled into working from home.  Paul, our co-founder, is still able to shoot.  Despite his limited capacity, he has been keeping up with orders with minimal delays.  He’s a true super hero!

We are restricting in person drop-offs and meetings.  Please ship us your products instead, we are still accepting deliveries from USPS, UPS & Fedex.

Please continue to place orders with us and if you have any questions let us know.  We are working extra hard for you during these times.

Stay healthy!

Jeff Delacruz


March 20, 2020

Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented time. The global COVID-19 Pandemic is affecting all our families, businesses, way of life and communities. During this time, we wanted to keep you updated on how we are approaching the situation at POW.

First and foremost, our top priority is the safety and well-being of our employees, families, customers and the communities we serve. We are doing our part to help encourage social distancing in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19. 

On Saturday, March 21st Chicago transitioned into a Shelter-In-Place status, which prevents us from letting our photographers come to the studio which we are happy to comply with considering the situation.  This is expected to last 2 weeks.  We are proud to say that we are able to pay all our employees their full wage during this shelter-in-place.  

Paul Zimmerman, co-founder and lead photographer is still coming in as is allowed.  He is doing the job of 7 people currently by himself.  At this time he is doing a great job and all existing orders are on time with capacity for additional smaller order.  This may change in the future but we will keep you updated here. 

Our customer service and sales team was already remote and hasn’t missed a beat!  We’re here to help, prepare for new orders and work with you to resolve any issues.

I appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.

Jeff Delacruz


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