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Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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This article explains what to expect after your order, while your products are still in our inventory.

Delivery Emails

Once we've finished photographing your order, you'll receive a photo gallery link to the email address connected to your order along with some options for approval and next steps. We’ll break down these options below.

If you do not respond to this email, we will send out 3 additional reminder emails as a courtesy.

We keep orders open for 30 days after image delivery. If we don't receive a response from you after these 30 days, we'll close out the order. If your order qualifies for free return shipping your product will then be automatically returned. If your order doesn't qualify for free return shipping we will remove the products from our inventory- you will not be able to retrieve them. You will be ineligible for redos or refunds. 

Your Return Shipping Options

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Option A: Return ship our products

Free Return Shipping | If you've spent over $75 we'll cover up to $20.
Free Return Shipping | If you've spent over $500, we'll cover up to 4% of the final price.
  • If you approve of the photos and qualify, simply respond to the email with “A.”
  • You may confirm any changes to your shipping address at this time; otherwise, we'll use the address on file.
  • As often as possible, we use the same material the products arrived in (note: we have packing supplies on hand, but they are limited). 
  • We will opt for the cheapest shipping method; typically USPS parcel or UPS/Fedex ground.
  • We will hand over the parcel at the next drop-off. If you require expedited or insured shipping, consider sending over your UPS/Fedex account; this way we can proceed with scheduling a prompt pick-up.
  • We will automatically return ship qualifying orders to the address on file if there is no response after the 30 day period.
 Paid Return Shipping | If you don't qualify for Free Shipping, request a Paypal invoice for the cost.

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  • If you need your order returned but don't qualify for free shipping, respond with option "A," and let us know how you'd like to pay for the return. If you provided a return label in your parcel, let us know at this time.
  • We offer PayPal invoicing to cover shipping costs, or you may send over your UPS/FedEx account info and we'll return ship your product on the account.
  • Remember- if the shipping exceeds $20, we won't move forward with return shipping until the remaining balance is paid.
  • If you provided your UPS/FedEx account because you wanted expedited or insured shipping, tell us the specific service you need when providing your account number to ensure timely and accurate shipping. We are only at the studio to facilitate shipments on weekdays from 9 am- 5 pm.
  • You may also respond by emailing us a prepaid shipping label.
  • You may advise us to discard some products in order to lessen shipping costs. 
  • If you choose not to respond to our billed shipping inquiry or to an invoice, your product will be discarded 30 days after order completion.
Other: Covid Pick Up Guidelines:

You may also choose to pick up your products. Please keep in mind that due to Covid-19 we are only taking contactless pick ups and have few restrictions in place outlined below:

  • We accept customer pick ups Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.
  • Please call in advance to let us know when you'll be arriving so we can let our studio know to expect a drop-off.
  • Pick ups should be made at the front door. Upon arrival, either ring the bell and step back from the door (6ft) or call our customer service number from your car and we can bring your products outside.
  • Customers need to wear masks while making drop-offs, our staff is also required to wear masks.

Option B: Keep the products. No return shipping needed.

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  • If you select this option, we will remove the product from our inventory and discard or donate it.
  • Be aware that if you change your mind after we close the order, the product may already be discarded.
  • Do not select this option if you want to order more photos; select option C if you’d like us to hold onto your product.
  • If you don't respond to the image delivery/reminder emails and don't qualify for free shipping, your product will be discarded 30 days after order completion.
  • If you don't respond to our billed shipping inquiry or to an invoice, your product will be discarded 30 days after order completion.

Option C: We approve - Hold the products for 30 days, we may need additional shots

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  • If you select this option, we will begin a 30-day hold on the order. The order will remain in our inventory for 30 additional days, awaiting your approval to return ship. 
  • You will receive one automatic reminder email around the 21-day point to prompt you on moving forward.
  • Please select this option if you are preparing to place a new order, or if the products need to be combined with those of an incoming order.
  • Please select this option if you need us to hold the product for additional time; this is a good option to give additional time for pick-up, to pay an invoice, or sort out the return shipment.
  • We will begin the 30-day hold when you respond with option "C." If you do not follow up with us in regards to the order within 30 days, we will move forward with return shipping to the address on file if you qualify, or we will discard/donate the order.

Option D: We don't approve - How To Request A Redo

Please respond to the completion email with your requests for revisions and corrections.

  • Consider if the problem is related to common image issues.
  • You can find a handy breakdown on requesting revisions and redo's here!
  • Here you can find our policy on billed vs. free revisions.
  • Our team will help you sort out your revision request, whether it is billed or free.
  • If you move forward with the revision, the products will go back into the photography or enter the revision process.
  • If you do not move forward with the revisions, you will continue to receive reminder emails about the products in our inventory.

Option E: Something else - please explain

If you have any other concerns about your order, please respond to the delivery email or reach out to us and let us know how to proceed. We’re here to help! Please use this option to communicate any concerns about your products, shipping, or completed and upcoming orders.