How To Send Your Products via Amazon

Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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You are welcome to send your product or props to our studio directly by ordering them via Amazon. There are a few things to keep in mind when sending in your product- we'll walk you through this below.

Do not ship us your product unless you’ve placed an order. Your first step is to place an order through the website. Products without orders will be disposed of.

Provide Your Order Number and Our Address

To have your items delivered to our location, please fill in the shipping address as follows:

POW Photography - Order #
4510 N. Ravenswood Ave, Ste B
Chicago, IL 60640

Phone: 3128807124

Send Us Your Stuff On Amazon - How To Send Your Products Via Amazon -

Please note that it is crucial to include your order number in the address, as demonstrated above. We cannot move forward with checking the items into the photography queue if we don’t know what order or customer the items are associated with.

Amazon orders arrive from general warehouses, giving us very few clues to determine which customer has sent them. We receive too many orders to guarantee that we will be able to recognize a specific product or prop and connect it to an order if an order number is not present on the parcel.

Delivery Instructions

As you fill out the shipping details, you will need to add some specifics under delivery instructions.

Send Us Your Stuff On Amazon 1 - How To Send Your Products Via Amazon -

Please note that we are open weekdays only from 9am-5pm. Please select "back door" as the preferred drop off location to ensure your parcels are delivered to us in a timely manner.

Sending In Multiple Packages

If you are sending in multiple parcels that will arrive at different times, feel free to give us a heads up so that we can anticipate the shipments needed to complete your order. If we do not have all of your products in hand to complete your order as requested, there may be changes to your turn-around time and delays in photography delivery.

If you have further questions about shipping in products, feel free to reach out to us. For information on shipping in food props via Amazon Fresh, check out our food props article.