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Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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We photograph large orders all the time here. If you have an order with over 50 total photos then you can request an estimate for large order pricing. Large volume orders can carry significant savings and benefits.


  • Pricing is based on a specific volume you can commit to now and does allow for future, possible or variable volumes.
  • Order now and send products later. You can prepay for a larger specific volume upfront now to get a larger volume discount. This works as a retainer, subtracting photos from that balance as orders come in. Your orders do not expire.

The Process

Step 1: Send A General Inquiry To Get A Ballpark Quote (Optional)

It's always best to start off with a general inquiry to get a ballpark quote. This will allow you to make sure that our pricing is in the general "ballpark" before you put in the work to create a full shot list. Include a range or expected volume of total photos you can commit to and an example image or website of what you're looking for.


Step 2: Do A Test Photo With Us (Optional)

If you've never worked with us before then it's important to understand our process is different than most other ways of getting product photography, developed over years of working with lots of different companies. The best way to get to know us is to do a test photo with us. This will cause you to use our online ordering system to place the order and you will get an actual image to compare.

If you feel you need more than 1 test image please let us know and in some cases, we may be able to provide additional photos.

Test photo orders follow the same rules as regular orders and are turned around within 7 business days.

How The Process Works

Free Photo Coupon 

Step 3: Prepare A Shot List Using A Spreadsheet

Create a list of photos that you want using the excel spreadsheet found at the link below. This will be a key document used for calculating the billing, and during the shoot it will be a checklist and a reference for direction. If you work with a team, this sheet can be shared and puts everyone on the same page so there's no surprises after the shoot.

The concept is simple: just list out all the photos that you want in the spreadsheet and what products go in the photos. Drag & drop match images of the angles you're looking for - similar objects can share the same image throughout the list. Watch the Step 2 Video on the How It Works page for details on how to best use the excel template.

One of the things that sets us apart from a catalog firm is that you can get creative with direction and we'll match it. We're not going to conveyor belt your products and we'll get as detailed as you want to get.

Clear direction is required for all orders and follows the main rule:

If you tell us how to shoot and we don't shoot it that way, we'll redo it for free. 

If you don't tell us how to do it, let us decide or change your mind, those reshoots will be paid.

Download Shot List Template

Step 4: Email Us The Shot List & Get An Exact Quote

Once you complete the shot list just email it over to us. We'll send you a quote for the project within 24 hours during the week. You'll receive an email quote for the project. If you approve, reply to the email letting us know that there are no changes & we'll send you a link online where you can pay the invoice for the project.

The rest of process will follow the standard step by step process.

Available Large Order Payment Terms

Pricing is based on a specific volume you can commit to now and does allow for future, possible or variable volumes.

Option 1:

Pay 100% Upfront & Send Products Whenever You Want 

This has a large upfront cost but allows for the largest discount.

  • Order must be over 50 total photos.
  • This payment can also act as a retainer.
  • 100% of the payment is due upfront.
  • Volume discount is based on the total you ordered.
  • Order now & send products later or you can also send all your products at once.
  • Refunds are only available within 1 year of the order and up to the value of 50 total photos. Any remaining balance will remain as a credit on the account.

Option 2:

50% Upfront - 50% On Delivery: Send All Products At Once 

This allows for easier payments, a low discount but you must send all your products all at the same time.

  • Only available for orders with over 100 photos.
  • All products must be sent at the same time.
  • A 50% payment of the invoice will be due upfront to start the order. Do not send products until paid.
  • The last 50% payment will releases the watermark and allows full usage.
  • Partial payments are not allowed and the full 50% is due to release the watermark.

Not Available: Variable Rate Or Potential Volume Contracts

We do not offer variable rate contracts based on potential volumes.

Our pricing is based on the amount of photos you can commit to in total, not how many photos you might have each month. This means that if you can commit to 1000 photos, you can purchase that at the 1000 photo rate upfront for the year and send the products whenever you want. This will act as a retainer, lock in the rate and will not expire, however it must be pre-paid.

For Example: A customer predicts a possible volume of between 500 - 1000 over the course of 6 months and negotiates a fixed rate based on 1000. At the end of the contract a "true-up" will be done with the actual volume to determine the real price. We do not offer a contract like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Place A Larger Order Than What I Need Right Now And Send You Products In Batches?

Yes. Prepaying for future orders is a way to get a volume discount. This works as a retainer, subtracting photos from that balance as orders come in.

  • What If I Don't Know How Many Photos I'll Need, But I Want A Volume Discount?

Volume discounts are only available on volumes you want to order right now, not what you may or may not have in the future. This means you can place a large order and pay upfront for what you think you'll and use it as a retainer over time. You'll be committed to this volume.

We do not have a fixed or variable rate contract based on what you think you might have over the year that does not require upfront payment or a historical spend.

  • Our Capacity

We maintain 5 full-time professional photography sets capable of capturing 600 - 800 photos a week with the ability to scale up to 1000 photos a week if required.

  • Turn-Around Times On Large Orders

Our turn-around times are guaranteed and are based on the volume and difficulty. All quotes carry a specific turn around.

Faster rush turn around times are available upon request on most orders if required but carry an additional fee.

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