POW! vs Traditional Food Photography

Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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Intro to Food Photography

It's important to understand that there's a big difference between working with a traditional food photographer and what POW! does.

POW! specializes in on white e-commerce photography and while we can shoot simple arrangements on white like packaging shots, it is not recommended that you use our services for more complicated shoots.

Traditional Food Photography

A traditional food photographer will work closely with a food stylist to craft a photo. This process is far more in-depth involving shopping for speciality foods, special styling methods of prep, speciality backgrounds and environments and more complex lighting scenarios.

If you feel that you need a professional food photographer then we recommend doing a search on Google for "Food Photographer" to find someone in your area.

Which is Right for me?

There are certain limitations to our service when it comes to shooting with food props. For these types of shoots, we're a good fit if you have an open mind or aren't terribly picky about things like styling or placement of the food. We'll still need you to provide direction on how to arrange the food, but these shoots often have a lot of serendipity involved.

For example, if you need a pile some loose trail mix in the shot but want to decide on where each nut or raisin is placed, POW! isn't the best fit. For something like that a traditional photography session would be better, so you can be on set making changes like this in real time.

If you're OK with some degree of chance and serendipity for these types of shots, you'll end up having the best experience with us. Plus, we're usually a lot more affordable than a traditional shoot if you only need a few of these shots!