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Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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These items or groupings require a special setup to be photographed properly. Please contact us prior to ordering if your product is 4ft+ on its longest side.

Oversized items are considered Specialty Photos and a $20 per photo fee applies to the base photo price. Check our Pricing Page for all pricing options.

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What Products Are Considered Oversized?

Oversized items or groupings are larger than 2ft on the longest side. The maximum size item we can accommodate through our online ordering system is 4ft on its longest side. We can accept products larger than 4ft on a case by case basis.

If you’re not sure if an item qualifies as oversized or not, measure it yourself or ask us!

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Will It Cost More To Shoot Oversized Items?

Yes. A Specialty Photo fee of +$20 per photo applies to any oversized items included in your shoot. For more information on fees check out our Pricing Page.

Soft-Goods And Bedding

Unfortunately, we cannot photograph bed frames, mattresses, or bedding if it is out of the packaging.

Our special set for oversized items can only accommodate 4ft maximum, and most mattresses and bed frames are larger than this.

Full bedding sets often require lots of prep in order to photograph properly, and soft-goods stylists are specialists when it comes to this.

However, we can shoot items like sleeping bags and smaller blankets!

How Do I Order Oversized Item Photos?

Start your order by clicking the button below, or the Place Order button in the top right corner of our website.

Look for the Product Size sub-heading. Choose Oversized.

Remember to contact us first if your product is over 4ft on its longest side to ensure we can actually shoot your product!

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Fill in the other categories and select the options you need. For a step by step guide that covers all the options available in the ordering form check out our How To Place Your Order page!

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