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Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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Hand photos are images that include the product on a white background (our specialty) along with a hand holding or using the product. These are not mannequins or hands Photoshopped in - there is a real person’s hand present during the shoot!

Hand Photos are billed as Specialty Photos at a rate of +$20 per photo. If your product is jewelry, an additional $10 jewelry fee applies as well. Check our Pricing Page for details on Specialty Photo fees.

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Why Choose Hand Photos?

Having a real human hand in your images can help convey lots of ideas to your customers. Textures, shapes/sizes, and even usage can all be explained visually by including a hand in the photo holding or using the product. Even basic instructions can be explained easily with a hand photo!

Since we specialize in white background product photography, not every item is going to work with a hand photo. Bigger items like vacuums might look better with a full person instead of just a hand, for example. Hand photos are best for smaller items with simple usages.

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Do You Hire Professional Hand Models?

Unfortunately, no. There are a few limitations to our hand photo services.

Currently, we only have one female "hand model" that we use and she's not a professional - she just happens to have a nice hand. Our one male “hand model” is one of our photographers who also happens to have a nice hand. This means that we don't have a wide variety of hands available to choose from.

Do I Need A Professional Hand Model?

Maybe - what are these images for?

This really depends on your intended use for the photos. For example: if these images are going to be used as secondary images for your Amazon listing, then you probably don’t need a professional hand model!

However, if you’re shooting for a high-end magazine or marketing campaign, you may need to consider professional modeling. The main thing to keep in mind with professional models is the cost and time investment - these will be much higher than working with a service like ours.

If you have to go professional for your project, try doing a Google search for “hand model agency” + your location.

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Elements of chance

When ordering Hand Shots, it is important to know that there is an element of chance. This is because no two hands are alike and it would be impossible to match the exact same position, color and skin from the customers shot directions and match images.

With this information, it’s important to keep in mind that things such as minor hand position changes or styling changes for the elements of chance would not qualify for a free reshoot in the event the photo doesn't meet your needs. Regardless, we will always do our absolute best to match the hand position from the shot directions provided by you the customer.

If you don’t sweat the small stuff, hand shoots like the examples above can be a great way to make your products pop on your page at a fraction of the cost of a traditional shoot.

You can really stand out with cool, stylized hand photos!

These are things to keep in mind when ordering and setting up your list of shot directions. For information on how to put together detailed shot directions for your photos we have an article on the process.

How Do I Order Hand Photos?

Start your order by clicking the Place Order button in the top right corner of our website, or click the button below.

Look for the Hand Photos sub-heading. Choose Yes, I Need A Hand In The Photo.

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Fill in the other categories and select the options you need. For a step by step guide that covers all the options available in the ordering form check out our How To Order article!

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