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Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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Group photos are images that feature more than two items. The items can be products, packaging, or even props. This page will cover what counts as a group photo, how they’re priced and shot, and how groupings can make your product look great!

What Counts As A Group?

Any image featuring more than two items counts as a group, even if the additional items are props or packaging.

For example, if you have a tube of lipstick and you want it shot between two boxes, this would be a group shot of 3 items. If one of the boxes is only a prop, it would still count as 3 items. Check below to reference various groupings.

You can find more info on including props in your photos on this page.

Group Photo Count 1280X1280 1 - Group Photos -

Do Multi-Part Items/Displays Count As A Group, Or 1 Item?

Depending on the item or display, they may. A good way to think of it is this:

Do I need the parts or pieces of the product separated and arranged individually, or can the item/display be shot as is?

For multi-part items, if we’re shooting the item as a whole without any disassembly, it counts as 1 item. But if you need the item taken apart or each part styled or positioned in a certain way, that would count as more than 1 item.

For displays, if we’re just opening a box or shooting the entire display or package as a whole, it counts as 1 item. But if you need portions of the contents removed from the display or package and positioned specifically, that would count as more than 1 item.

Check below for some example photos.

Examples Group Photo Count - Group Photos -

Are Larger Groups Priced Differently?

Yes, we price group photos based on the number of items included in the shot.

Our group pricing is as follows:

  • 1-2 items in the photo: Base Price Only
  • 3-5 items in the photo: +$10 per photo
  • 6-10 items in the photo: +$20 per photo
  • 10+ items in the photo: +$30 per photo (contact us first!)

Take a look at the images below for examples of the different group options.

Item Count Pricing - Group Photos -

How Are Group Photos Styled? Do I Pick Where Each Item Goes?

Yes! You’re in charge of art directing the styling of your group photos. This is the best part about our service - we’re great at taking direction!

After you order, you’ll send over shot directions. These tell our photographers exactly what you’re looking for.

The best way to provide direction for group photos is by setting up the grouping on your desk and taking a cell phone photo.

More information providing shot direction can be found on our Step 2: How To Provide Shooting Direction page.

This way we will know exactly where you want each item positioned. In cases where you have lots of items or props, this is especially important. Take a look at our Creative Groupings article for more info and ideas about ordering and styling these photos.

There are some very straightforward ways to style the items that are very common for some industries and products. We’ll cover this in the section below.

Here is a cell phone match image and the resulting final photo:

Cellphone Match Image - Group Photos -

Common Group Photo Setups

When it comes to group photos, the only way to really show us what you want is by providing a cell phone photo. We will photograph it exactly how you show us in the group for placement, so take your time to carefully set these photos up. Here are a few common setups for group photos:

Group Shot - Group Photos -

Why Choose Group Photos?

There are many reasons why you may choose to go with group photos.

Some products have multiple items included, or maybe you just want to show off the packaging and the product in the same image.

If you have multiple similar products, a group photo can be a great way to showcase all of them. For example, if you offer the same product in a variety of colors, you could line up all the products alongside each other and do a group photo.

Your products might look great styled with some creative props! Our Creative Groupings article shows some examples of stylized group images that may inspire you.

Group Photo 1280X1280 1 - Group Photos -

How Do I Order Group Photos?

Start your order by clicking the Place Order button in the top right corner of our website, or click the button below.

The Group Photos: # Of Items In The Photo category is what we’re looking for! Select the number of items that will be in the shot. If you’re not sure, click on Learn More below the category for some examples. For images with 10+ items, please contact us beforehand.

Order Group Photos - Group Photos -

Fill in the other categories and select the options you need. For a step by step guide that covers all the options available in the ordering form check out our How To Place Your Order page!

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