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Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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Yes, We Can Photograph Your Products With Props

We can do photographs with props in them! All props must be provided by the customer and detailed direction on where to place them in the photograph are required.

More information: Can you Shoot With Food Props?

Providing Direction For Props

One thing that makes us awesome is the ability to provide direction. If you have a great idea for a propped photo, simply set it up on your desk in the general arrangement you're looking for and take a cell phone photo.

We'll match these arrangements on our set but light them, retouching them and make them look amazing!

More Information: How To Provide Shoot Direction

Props We Can Provide

We do maintain certain props in our inventory that are too expensive or risky to ship. All phones are dummy phones and a fake screen can be realistically photoshopped into screen using one that is provided or a stock screen below.

If you need a specific device please let us know and sometimes we can order them. Shipping varies based on device please allow ample time.

Cell Phone Models

  • iPhone 6s - Gray, Silver, Rose & Gold
  • iPhone 6s Plus - Silver & Gray
  • iPhone 6 - Silver & Space Gray
  • iPhone 6 Plus - Gray
  • iPhone 5 - Black
  • iPhone 4 - Black, White
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


  • iPad Mini - Gray
  • iPad Air 1 - Gray
  • iPad 2 - Black
  • iPad 1 - Black & White


  • Apple iWatch - Men's - Black
  • Apple iWatch - Women's - White



  • Fake Credit Cards & Cash

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