Custom Retouching Services and Pricing

Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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Custom Retouching Services and Pricing

Pricing For Custom Retouching

Billing for custom is at $20 per 15-min increment or $80 an hour. This will be paid at the then end of the retouching project and is in addition to the basic costs of photography.

This covers a very broad range of services and can only be estimated after very specific examples are provided.

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Hue shifting, which is the process of changing a product from one color to another, is a common enough request that we separate it from custom retouching.

Learn about Hue Shifting By Clicking Here

What Is Considered Custom Retouching & What Is Basic Retouching

Custom retouching typically involves manufacturing something that doesn't naturally exist in the product, commonly known as creating something fake.

Basic Retouching (included)

  • Remove background so it is white around the outside of the product.
  • Removing dust and basic scratches on the products.
  • Enhancing the natural color & contract of the product.
  • Fixing a small dent in a box.

Custom Retouching (additional fee)

  • Photoshopping product into a different background or environment.
  • Fixing a big scratch that goes through text where we have to create.
  • Changing the color of the product to something that it's not but isolated to specific areas.
  • Re-creating a box that has been crushed in shipment.
  • Copying one element from one photo into another. Like photographing one lid and copying into a different product without a lid.

How To Place A Custom Retouching Order

1. Send a request and explain what you're looking to do.

Click here to request Custom Retouching

2. Place your order normally but be sure to add the upgrade option of "Clipping Path"

Order Clipping Paths - Custom Retouching Services And Pricing -

3. When providing direction make sure to annotate which images require custom retouching in the shot list- download here.

Retouching Shot Directions - Custom Retouching Services And Pricing -

4. During the shooting process, we'll have a better understanding of the complexities of the custom project and provide you with an estimate for the extra work at the end of the standard order.

5. Once paid, we'll provide you with the additional work and deliver them in the same gallery.

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