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Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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Our Process Is Focused On Quality

We have a 3 stage process that helps us stay organized and makes your clothing look beautiful.

Step 1: Prep Styling By A Professional Clothing Stylist

The first step is prepare the clothing for photography. Our in-house clothing stylist steams or irons all the wrinkles out so it looks its best. For mannequin photos, our stylist dresses the mannequin and gets it ready for photography. If the clothing doesn't fit perfectly, the clothing is clipped on the back in strategic areas to make it fit correctly.

Step 2: High Quality Photography Techniques

When ready, the clothing is placed on set. Invisible mannequin photos usually require at least 2 photos if not more which will be combined to give the special effect. Again, styling is a consideration to ensure the garment lays properly. Our standard lighting is a soft key, angled to give shape to the garment and reveal detail in the fabric.

Step 3: Careful Retouching

Retouching is key and our process goes well beyond the basics. We use highly advanced techniques for compositing images together for the removal of the mannequin and smoothing out wrinkles or creases that couldn't be controlled with prep styling. The end result is a garment photo that will allow your listings to compete at a higher level.

Mannequin Sizing: Clothing Looks Best When It Fits

Having the clothing fit the mannequin is imperative to making your clothing look its best. If the clothing doesn't fit, we may need clip the back to try and make it look correct, leading to extra time and effort. Free reshoots because the clothing didn't fit correctly is not allowed.

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Invisible Ghost Mannequin Clothing Photography

We photograph your clothing on a mannequin and then use Photoshop to remove it. This is a great way to show off how a garment lays on a body.

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On-Model Photography

We do not currently offer on-model photography. Shooting with models at a professional level is a big production, with costs usually starting at around $2000 a day. If you feel that you need on-model photography, we recommend working with a professional photographer who specializes in this type of service. On shoots like this, a photographer is doing more than just taking the photos - you are also hiring them for their connections to stylists, models, and their ability to manage this team.

There are many resources out there, but we feel that the best place is to start with a Google search for "[your city] Fashion Photographer". Look for an experienced professional with images in their portfolio that match the style of photography you want and someone who is local. So if you want a model on a white background, look for a photographer that has that in their portfolio. You'll want to be there on the shoot to make sure styling and photography is to your specifications.

This is a big project, so don't underestimate the time and effort required to make it happen!

Resources For Traditional Photographers

How to Order Clothing Photography

Begin by heading over to our ordering page. The "Standard Product" tab is selected by default; for clothing orders you must select the "Clothing +$30" tab.

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From this tab, you can select Ghost Mannequin or Layflat as well as the angle needed. Add the photographs to your cart one angle at a time.

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