Can You Change The Background Of My Photo To Another Color?

Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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Digital Background Color Change

At POW, we photograph your products on a white background. However, your photos don't have to stay that way! If you’d like to see your products with another color background, we have a solution for you.

Although we cannot photograph your product on any and all background colors, we can digitally change the background color of your product photos, post-photography. In this article, we’ll walk you through ordering this service.

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How to place the order

Digital background color changes are a specialty service and cannot be ordered through our normal shopping cart. There are two ways to go about ordering the background color changes.

The first way is to reach out after placing your normal, on-white order. After you've placed an order for the photos you need, reach out to us at for an invoice. Let us know your order number and indicate which photos you'd like background color changes for.

The second way is to request a custom quote for the background color change photos. In addition to the usual info needed to generate an order, let us know what your product is and the background color changes you need. Once you've provided the necessary details, we'll generate the order for you and follow up with an invoice.

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Provide Direction

To complete the background color change, we will need to know exactly which photos in your order will have a changed background. Provide the exact color needed for the background, such as the hex color-code or RGB value for the best results. Though we can select the color for you, we will best understand your needs if you provide specific color references, as opposed to something vague like “red.”

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For each color-change background you order, there will be an additional fee of $10; this breaks down to $5 for the clipped tif file needed for the change, and $5 fee for the service.

Additional Information

Certain items (such as transparent products) may qualify for additional retouching fees, depending on the difficulty they pose to a background color change.

We can photograph products on a black background; this is part of our standard service. Items shot on a black background are not eligible for background color changes, unfortunately, as it does not look correct or work as well as items shot on white backgrounds. 

If you’re Photoshop savvy, you may want to experiment with your own background color changes; check out our guide!

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