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Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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Video Tutorial

Below we have a short video tutorial that will walk you through ordering our custom swatches.


Custom product swatches or smears are photos of your actual product intended to display a sample of a product's texture or color outside of the packaging. This is most common with beauty products like lotions, serums, or creams.

The artistic look of custom swatches enhances listings and can be utilized in marketing promos or social media. Custom swatches can also be photoshopped next to or behind your product. What better way to show the texture of your product than with a sample of the real thing?

How Do I Order Custom Swatches?

Ordering custom product swatches is easy! While placing your order, select the beauty category and the custom swatch option below it.

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Each swatch counts as a separate photo; just add the total number of swatch photos needed to your cart as individual product photos.

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For example, if you have two products that you need standard shots of plus swatches of each, your order would be for four individual product photos.

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When you send us shot directions, be sure to indicate that you need swatches! [Download the directions template here]

What Do We Need?

Plenty of product, preferably not in packaging. When it comes to cosmetic swatches, we need to be able to play around with the product so we can create the right smear that will show off its texture.

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Art Direction For Custom Swatches

We've shot many swatches over the years and are experienced in creating beautiful product swatches. All you need to do is indicate that you need swatches in your shot directions and we'll create them!

Elements of chance

When ordering custom swatch shots, it is important to know that there is an element of chance. No two products are alike and it would be impossible to match the exact position and consistency of every powdered or wet particle.

With this in mind, things such as minor position changes or styling changes for the elements of chance would not qualify for a free reshoot in the event the photo doesn't meet your needs. Regardless, we will always do our absolute best to match the position and look from the shot directions provided by you, the customer.

If you don’t sweat the small stuff, swatch shoots like the examples above can be a great way to make your products pop on your page at a fraction of the cost of a traditional shoot.

You can really stand out with cool, stylized swatch photos!

These are things to keep in mind when ordering and setting up your list of shot directions. For information on how to put together detailed shot directions for your photos we have an article on the process.