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Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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What Are Food Props?

Food props are food items in the shot that are not the product. This might be an orange you'd like photographed alongside your juicer, or some trail mix shot in your plastic food containers.

How to Order Food Props

There are two ways to order food props for your shoot.

Option 1: Order The Food Using Instacart or Gopuff

The first way is to order the food yourself, and have it delivered to our studio.

In the past, customers have placed food delivery orders using food delivery services like Instacart or Gopuff.

When we receive your products we'll send confirmation that the items have arrived. After that, you can place your order with Instacart or Gopuff. Once the food prop arrives we'll shoot it right away so that everything is fresh.

Typically, Instacart is the most affordable option.

Choose the Mariano's located at 1800 W. Lawrence Ave, Chicago IL 60640 with  delivery to the studio address at 4510 N. Ravenswood Ave, Ste B, Chicago, IL 60640.

Place A Rush Order

If the food you're ordering is perishable, then you may want to place a rush order. Rush orders skip the shooting queue and move to the front of the line; learn more here.

We have a full size refrigerator to store the food in until it is time to shoot, so if the food can be refrigerated for 7 business days then it might be ok to order it as a standard turn around time.

Option 2: We Can Order The Food For You

The second way is to have us order in the food for you using Amazon Fresh.

-There is no minimum
-$20 ordering fee
-Cost of Food + 20%

If you want to go this route, you would put together a shopping list or cart using Amazon Fresh and send it to us. If everything is available and we can order it, we'll send you an invoice.

You have to let us know in advance that you'll need us to order for you. Please let us know as soon as possible so we aren't rushing to get the food.

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