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How To Order A Lifestyle Composite With POW!

Last Updated: 2021-06-15
HomeHow To Order A Lifestyle Composite With POW!

What is a Lifestyle Composite?

Lifestyle composites are a great way to get high-quality lifestyle photos at an affordable rate. A lifestyle composite is a process where we photograph your product and Photoshop it into an existing professional stock photo.

Our service is special because we actually photograph the product to match the lighting in the stock photo. When we composite it into the scene, it looks realistic.

Video Tutorial

The Process

To order lifestyle composite photos, start by downloading the lifestyle composite shot list.  Each row will represent a photo that you want us to create.

Step 1: Name Image

Begin filling out your shot directions by giving your photos a simple, descriptive name under the "Name" column. 

Step 2: Provide Stock Image

Provide a link to a stock image you want us to photoshop your product into.  To find stock images, you can look on or you can see some of our pre-vetted options on our pinterest board

All images must be licensed from a stock agency to avoid copyright complications. The cost of this is built into the photography fee.

Copy the url and paste it into the shot list under the "Stock Image URL" column.

Step 3: Provide Product Example Image

Provide an image or link to the product you want us to photoshop into the scene.  We recommend taking a cell phone photo of the arrangement you want.

The photo doesn’t need to look good; it's just so we know how you want the product presented in the scene.

We will match this arrangement when we photograph your product. You can also reference existing photos.  

Remember the golden rule:  If you provide clear direction and we don’t do it that way, we’ll redo it for free.  If you change your mind or want something different, it’s a paid reshoot.

Once you have your product image, drag-and-drop it into the shotlist under the "Product Example Image" column. 

Step 4: Tell Us Where to Place the Product

Provide notes or examples of where to place the product in the scene under the "Where do you want your product" column and in the "Image notes" column.

The "Image notes" column is a great place to relay any information you would like about your images and how you need them to be composed.

Alternatively, you can open a screen capture of the stock image and draw it in.  Create a visual that shows exactly where you would like the product placed.

The more detail, the better. We carefully read your direction and try to meet your expectations. You can be specific in your examples, and provide additional instruction under the "Image notes" column.

Step 5: Send Your Shotlist for Review

The final step is to send us your shotlist to us for review and invoicing.

Once you have your shotlist completed, upload it using the quote request page. Select the lifestyle tab.

At the lower portion of the page, you can tell us about you, your quote, and upload the shotlist you created.

Or, just send us your shotlist in an email to

Our team will review the request; we may reach out with changes and notes if we feel the retouching request cannot be accomplished. Once approved, we’ll send you a link to place your order online.  

We make it easy to get high-quality lifestyle photos at an affordable rate!