How To Annotate Images With Preview

Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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How To Annotate Images To Provide Direction

It's always easier to show than tell when it comes to discussing photos. If you have changes to photos that we've provided or you want to provide specific direction on a match image, this tool will help you.

How To Annotate An Image With OSX Mac Preview

Step 1. Right Click The Image > Open With Preview

Step 2. Click on the toolbox in the menu bar to reveal the "Mark-up Toolbar"

Step 3. Use the tools to add boxes, circles, arrow & text to specifically provide direction on what to change

How To Annotate An Image On Windows

We don't use Windows at POW and have limited experience with it. However, we've done some research for you and read that MS Paint may be a good option for annotating images and it comes on every machine. The article below explains a method for using MS Paint that may work for Windows users: