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Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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When formatting photos for your Amazon listing, you want to make sure you've got the images sized correctly. The sizing will affect the rollover zoom function. You should also be careful when compressing images if you're exporting a file like tif to a jpeg.

Zoom Rollover Effects End At 2000px, Not 3000px

Amazon creates a special zoom image depending on the pixel width of the image that activates when the customer rolls over the image.

One common misconception is that you need a 3000px image to maximize the zoom effect. I did a test to find out how the zoom effect worked on Amazon. I uploaded 3 images at 1000px, 2000px & 3000px.  I didn’t see a difference between the 2000 & the 3000px image.

This is important to note because:

  • You don't need a 3000px image to get the full zoom effect contrary to popular belief.
  • Between 1000px and 2000px you can have different levels of zoom.
  • By limiting your max size to 2000px, your images will be a smaller file size which is easier to manage and you can use a lower megapixel camera to create them.

Tip:  Set your images between 1000px & 2000px for the zoom feature. You do not need an image larger than 2000px to access the full capabilities of your listing.

Zoom Of A 1000px Image On Amazon

Amazonimagerequirement - Amazon Image Sizing &Amp; Quality -

Zoom Of A 2000px Image On Amazon

Amazonimagerequirements - Amazon Image Sizing &Amp; Quality -

Zoom Of A 3000px Image On Amazon | No difference between 2000px & 3000px

3Amazonimagerequirements - Amazon Image Sizing &Amp; Quality -

Seller Central Processes & Compresses Your Images, So Don't Do It Twice.

When you upload an image, the seller central software will automatically generate 1:1 square 500px compressed jpeg for the listing images. This important to know because when generating images to upload, it’s best to use no compression as double compressing images can lead to ‘compression artifacts’, essentially destroying the image.

What’s nice about this, is you don’t need to convert your images to a different format, Amazon’s software will do that for you as long as the file is under 10 megabytes. This is handy because you don't have to do much image processing.

Tip: If you're saving in Photoshop this means set your Jpeg compression to 12. In other software look for this compression setting and set it to max.

Don't compress your images, Amazon will do it for you.

Amazonimagerequirements Setcompressionto12 - Amazon Image Sizing &Amp; Quality -