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Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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Just because your order is complete, doesn’t mean it is too late to add to your order!

File Types:

If you need additional file types of your photos, simply respond to your order completion email (or email in at info@powphotography.com ) and indicate which photos you need additional file types of. We’ll respond with an invoice for the requested file types ($5 per additional file), and once paid, we’ll upload the additional images types to your Zenfolio gallery within 5 business days or less.

More Photos:

Once your order is complete, it’s still super easy to add more photos and composites! Simply respond to your order completion email (or info@powphotography.com) and let us know you’d like to order more photos of the products from your previous order. Include your shot directions, and we’ll work with you to generate a new invoice.

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Note: We request that you reach out to us via email to alert us when you need to add more shots to your order. This is so we know the products are already at the studio, and that we aren’t awaiting a new shipment.

For example, if you order an additional photo through our website shopping-cart for products already at our studio, we have no way of knowing all the products needed to complete your order are already here; we will be anticipating a new shipment by default. As a result, they may not be checked back into the photography queue, and your photos will not be delivered to you in a timely manner. In order for us to move forward with additional shots for products already at the studio, it is best to alert us directly to your need for new photos to ensure our awareness and prompt processing.

Once your invoice is paid and we have the new shot directions, the standard order process will begin again; you can expect to receive the usual order updates!

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