How To Access Your POW Account

POW Account Overview

Any customer who has ever placed an order with POW can access past or on-going order information easily with our new account system.

You can access:

  • Invoices
  • Image Galleries
  • Order statuses

order historyAccess Your POW! Account

How To Create A New Customer Account

Customer accounts are not created automatically at checkout but don’t worry all your information is securely stored and can be accessed at any point after you’ve placed an order.

Step 1

To create a new account, simply Hover over SUPPORT in the menu and click MY ACCOUNT

my account drop-down

Step 2

If you have an existing account this is where you would enter your information, but if this is your first-time access your account click NEW CUSTOMER SIGN-UP.

enter account info

Step 3

Now input your Name, email & create a password. It’s important that you use the same email that you placed your order with so that it can access all your orders.

If you’ve placed past orders with different emails, you can create multiple accounts or you can ask us to update your past orders with the email that you’d like.

create account

Step 4

Let us know you’re not a bot & Submit


Step 5

You’ll get sent back to the previous page but with a little message that you’ve been sent a special verification email.

account verification

Step 6

Open the email & click the verification link

Product Photography By POW! | Access your account | How To Access Your POW Account | verifynewpowaccount |

Step 7

The Link will send you to password page, where you’ll create a new password. We’re sorry for the redundancy.

create new password

Success! You now have access to your account. You can now access invoices, images & order statuses.

in your pow account

Access Your POW! Account

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