Common Image Issues - Overview

Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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Common Image Issues - Overview

Most people aren't photo experts and working with digital images can be more complicated than most people realize. This is a list of common issues and some potential solutions. If none of these seem applicable feel free to request a redo or just ask for help. We're here for you!

Image Is Too Bright Or Contrasty

Issue: The image looks too bright or contrasty

If your computer screen is set up with high brightness or contrast settings then this can cause your image to look too bright or contrasty. At POW, we use special screen calibration tools to make sure we are viewing the images as accurately as possible. If we attempt to adjust images so they look good on a screen that is uncalibrated with extreme settings then the images may look bad on the majority of your customer's screens.

Solution: Compare it on an iPad or iPhone screen first

We don't mean to endorse Apple, but we know that extreme monitor settings can't be set on these types of devices. Open your gallery link on the device. View the image side by side with the screen in question and confirm that your screen's settings are generally close. If the images look pretty much the same on both screens then we will be happy to adjust the images to more closely fit the brightness or contrast free of charge. However, if they're totally different I would trust your Apple device over the screen and consider adjusting your monitor.

Image Resolution Is Too Small

Issue:  The image appears to be too small

You're looking at the image and it is pixelated or is degraded. Maybe it's not rendering correctly.

Solution: Be sure you downloaded the full resolution file

Be sure you downloaded the high-resolution original files outlined in the link below. If you didn't choose "download original files" and did something else, then you are probably not viewing the final images. The files we provide are typically very large and take time to download.

How to download the high-resolution files

The Photo Doesn't Fill The Frame In Amazon

Issue: The photo doesn't fill the frame in Amazon

If you didn't order the Amazon Ready Jpeg, we typically leave some white space around the product to make it easy to crop to different dimensions. The Amazon Ready Jpeg we deliver is cropped tight to the product but if the arrangement of the products are not square then the image placeholder will make the image appear smaller. This is how Amazon setup its listing images. This problem manifests when there are large groups or long skinny products resulting in a long rectangular crop.

Solution: Request an arrangement that is more square

If you want to fill the frame, you'll need to pre-visualize the arrangement of the products so that they create a more square image and less rectangular. We will photograph the arrangements according to the match images that you provide. If you ordered Glossy White as the background be aware that the reflections extend below the product.

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