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Lifestyle Product Photography By POW!

At POW, we offer a range of product photography services, including options for lifestyle product photography.

We Retouch your Product Into A Stock Photo Realistically

Our Lifestyle Composites look real without all the production and expense of a real photoshoot.

What is a Lifestyle Composite?

This is a lifestyle photo that is created using an image of your product and a stock image.

First, our knowledgeable photographers shoot your product with lighting that matches the stock image.

Then, our retouchers blend it into a stock image with a little bit of Photoshop magic.

The end result is a lifestyle image of your product that can be used for a variety of content purposes.


Lifestyle Composites  vs Traditional Lifestyle Production

Lifestyle Composites
Starting At $150

Traditional Lifestyle Shoot

A traditional lifestyle photoshoot for your product will usually require a large amount of time, prep, and a full team of specialists for traditional production.

At POW, our Lifestyle Composites are a fraction of the time and price required for traditional freelance production. You don’t need to shop around for a team of creative specialists. We have them all with us, at our studio!

More Affordable Than Traditional Lifestyle Photography

Our creative team has designed a specialty service that uses stock imagery to create lifestyle photos for all different types of products, at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional production.


Get Creative!

We love creating fun shots with stock images of pedestals, holiday setups, and surreal scenes. Here are a few of our favorites!

Pre-Approved Stock Images

We have idea boards for common lifestyle scenes. They’re filled with pre-approved stock backgrounds to choose from.  Check them out and start brainstorming!

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