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Case Study | Bare Botanics

Bare Botanics hand craft their premium, clean, and all natural beauty products. From their inception, Bare Botanics was committed to providing the highest quality experience and products for their customers. Bare Botanics trusted POW to showcase the textures and quality of their products with premium beauty product photography services.

Before this, Bare Botanics had no reviews and no customers on Amazon. After using POW's full range of beauty product photography services, they became a top seller, bringing in over 7 figures in sales annually.


Case Study
Bare Botanics

Bare Botanics came to POW knowing that high-quality imagery was critical for creating confidence in their new brand. POW's color critical workflow and advanced lighting techniques ensured that products color, texture, and consistency always meet the their expectations.

By outsourcing their beauty product photography to POW from the beginning, Bare Botanics could focus on growing their brand to be one of Amazon's top sellers.


Case Study
Bare Botanics

Since utilizing POW's full range of beauty product photography services, Bare Botanics has been able to grow the brand tremendously. Their annual sales have reached 7 figures, and they have become a top seller on Amazon.


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