Honest eCommerce Podcast : The Truth About DIY, Lifestyle, and Product Photography with Jeff Delacruz

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Check out our latest feature on the Honest Ecommerce Podcast. Our President Jeff Delacruz had the chance to chat with podcast host and ecommerce selling expert Chase Clymer. They touch on a lot of great topics that can help business owners at any stage figure out their brand's eCommerce photography strategy. We talk about the perceived value from high-quality images, when should you consider hiring pros or agencies, why lifestyle photography is expensive, and so much more!

For some insights into ecommerce photography best practices and other tips to make your listings really pop listen now!

In This Conversation We Discuss: 

  • [00:00] Intro
  • [01:56] Jeff’s photography experience
  • [02:19] Seeing a need in the market
  • [03:48] Products on a white background
  • [05:27] High quality image = perceived value
  • [07:11] Image sets for product listings
  • [09:08] Should it just be white?
  • [10:56] Good lighting is a good foundation
  • [12:07] From DIY to hiring pros
  • [14:55] How does POW work?
  • [15:47] Diving deep into the process
  • [17:52] It’s either time or money
  • [19:21] The value of expertise
  • [20:03] Apple marketing vs lighting
  • [21:45] POW’s multi capture compositing
  • [23:52] Chase’s funny photo experience
  • [24:39] Why lifestyle photography is expensive
  • [27:14] POW’s “lifestyle composites”
  • [28:38] A time and place for every strategy
  • [30:33] Jeff’s free DIY photography course

Written by Annisa Davila

Annisa Davila is the Director of Marketing At Products On White Photography. She is an expert at digital marketing, content strategy and photography production. She has a passion for beauty, cats and fashion.