How To Send Us Your Products

Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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How To Send Us Your Products


Do not ship us your product unless you’ve placed an order. Your first step is to place an order through the website. Products without orders will be disposed of.

  • Please include your order number with your shipment; we cannot move forward if we don't know what order the items are associated with or who they came from.
  • Shipping through UPS is preferred.


Please Send All Packages To:

POW Photography
Attn: Order # (insert order #)
4510 N. Ravenswood Ave, Ste B
Chicago, IL 60640

Shipping Notes

  • Pick The Best
    When you send us your product, be sure to be careful to pick the best product of the bunch, as this product will represent the rest.
  • Pack It Well
    Do a really good job packing the box. If the product is damaged when it arrives, we’ll let you know and give you the chance to send a replacement before we do the shoot. However, it’s always best to spend a little extra time and make sure the product is protected.
  • Return Shipping Label
    When you print a label via Fedex or UPS (if you have an account), you're given an option to print a return shipping label. This isn’t billed until it is used. This is the quickest way for us to return your products to you after the shoot. We are also happy to send you an invoice for the return shipping after the shoot is complete if you don't qualify for free return shipping.

Are You In The Chicago Area?

If you’re a Chicago local, we accept drop offs Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.
No need to ship it, simply affix your order number to the box and save money by dropping it off or messengering it over to us:

 POW Photography
4510 N. Ravenswood Ave, Ste B
Chicago, IL 60640

Covid Drop-off Guidelines

  • We accept drop offs Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.
  • Please call in advance to let us know when you'll be arriving so we can let our studio know to expect a drop-off.
  • Pack your items need to be in a cardboard box. Add protective packaging if necessary.
  • Drop-offs should be made at the front door.
  • Leave the product at our door and either ring the bell and step back from the door (6ft) or call our customer service number from your car and let us know that the product is at the back door.
  • Customers need to wear masks while making drop-offs, our staff is also required to wear masks.