How To Format An Image For Amazon Using Photoshop

Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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Step 1: Download The Image

On your gallery page, you'll want to download the original image. Pay attention to the numbers on the right, those are pixel dimensions.

Amazon wants a pixel dimension of 3000px X 3000px max. Sometimes that causes a zoom that is too much and 2000px X 2000px is preferred.

You want to make sure the image is the same size or larger than the image you want to upload. If it's smaller than you'll have to to make it bigger which will damage the quality of the image and make it look bad.

Step 2: Open It Up In Photoshop & Review The Sizing

It's always good practice to find out the sizing of the image before you start work on it. You can do this by opening up either Image > Canvas Size or Image > Image Size.

Canvas size, when changed will add whitespace to the outside of the frame. If you're into CSS think of it as padding. In this instance, we're going to bring the image to a square by matching the width to the height so that it is 5472px X 5472px

Step 3: Crop The Image

Switch the crop tool by pressing C or selecting it from the menu. Set the proportions to 1 X 1, unconstrained. This will allow us to keep a square and crop in. Go as close to the product as you want. If you go too close you may crop out the shadow, but if your crop is too wide it may make the product look too small in Amazon.

Step 4: Save For Web And Resize

The compression isn't as important for Amazon, as load speed is not a factor. It's good to take a look a the comparison in save for web and pick a compression that works best for the image without degrading it.

Make sure to resize it in Image Size at the bottom to 3000px X 3000px. You can also set it to 2000px if you'd like a wider zoom.

Step 5. Save And Upload

Mission complete. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions on this process and we'll be happy to answer them.