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Last Updated: 2021-06-15
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Your secondary listing images can show different angles, group arrangements, or specific features of your product. You can add text or graphics, optional/add-on items, or lifestyle setups to these photos. We'll cover the image requirements and some examples of good secondary listing photos below.

Amazon Image Requirements: Secondary/Additional Images

The requirements for secondary listing images are simple, they must meet the technical requirements for all images, but other than that you can do pretty much whatever you want.

  • All images must meet the basic Technical Requirements. That's it!

How To Get Great Secondary Listing Images

Secondary listing images can vary depending on the type of product you're selling and what the specific features are you want to highlight. You can show groups, close-ups, infographics, or photos including optional accessories. Optional or add-on items aren't allowed in the primary listing image, but you can show them in your secondary images without the risk of getting flagged.

Lots of listings include lifestyle or in-use photos, which can show your product being held or used by a model or in a specific setting. These differ from white background product photos in that they're often set outdoors or in an environment like an office or home. We don't do lifestyle photography, but there are some cool ways you can get these images without spending a ton of money.

We'll cover the best types of photos to use for secondary listing images below.

Group shots and optional accessories

If your product comes in a variety of colors, you can include a group shot showing all the different colors available.

group shot Amazon Secondary Listing Images

You can also get a little creative with the background. The photo above was shot on our Glossy background style.

If you offer optional accessories for your product, you can include a group photo showing the add-on items alongside the product.

secondary images Amazon Secondary Listing Images

Close-ups or exploded views and infographics

Close up shots can show off features and highlight certain parts of your product. You can even add infographics to these images with more information about the feature. We don't offer graphic design services, but you can find a freelancer online or even add the text yourself.

secondary images 2 Amazon Secondary Listing Images

Lifestyle or in-use photos

Lots of Amazon listings have lifestyle shots as secondary images, but if you look closely many of them aren't professional photos. This is probably because real, professional lifestyle photography can cost upwards of $2,000 for a one day shoot. This is part of the reason why we don't do lifestyle.

Frequently, Amazon sellers will DIY their lifestyle photos and just use images of themselves, friends or family members holding the product in their home or office. This can look bad and make your brand look cheap if it's not done well.

If the cost of a traditional lifestyle shoot is just too high, there's a few things you can do instead. You can trade with an Instagram or social media influencer for photos, or you can use Photoshop to add your product to a stock image. We offer this type of stock composite service, so if this seems like a good option for you definitely explore the idea!

Examples of Secondary Listing Images

Below we've included some of our work that would look great as secondary listing photos on an Amazon listing:

color variationa Amazon Secondary Listing Images

with props Amazon Secondary Listing Images

details Amazon Secondary Listing Images