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Free Shopify Product Photography Course For Business Owners

Author: Joey Chalmers
Date Created: 2020-09-10
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Photography Trailer - Free Shopify Product Photography Course For Business Owners -

POW is very excited to announce our collaboration with Shopify Compass, to bring you an in-depth 5 part free product photography course! 

Now more than ever, customers are turning to your images when deciding to purchase your products; that’s why we are grateful for this opportunity to provide you with our insight into the process. Learn how to create better product photography from our Co-Founder and President, Jeff Delacruz. Jeff has been a photographer for over 15 years and through POW has worked with over 5,000+ businesses to provide over 200,000+ professional photos for eCommerce sellers around the globe. 

This free product photography course is designed to allow you to go at your own pace on any device.    In this 5 part product photography course we’ll show you how to do the following:

Take branded product photos that help customers perceive the value of your products

Jeff will walk you through practical ways to develop and craft images that express your brand identity and elevate the value of your products in the eyes of your customers. Learn techniques that will inspire you to compose visually interesting images and fine-tune your photos.

Take essential white background product photos

White background product photos are required by most eCommerce platforms, they expand your customer base, and display what your product is or does as directly as possible. The product photography course will show you how to create impactful images within the constraints of the white background image.

Set up your own home studio on a budget

Ever wished you could elevate your product photos but feel limited by budget constraints? POW will walk you through a list of totally economical necessities and tactics to get started. Delve into lighting, your set, and clever methods to manipulate the lighting of your product. Make your home-grown smartphone camera shoot the very best it can be, or delve into point-and-shoot or even DSLR!

Shoot a with a model

Photoshoots with models necessitate special attention to detail! We’ll instruct you on achieving the results you want through communicating and styling with your model and selecting the image that works.

Effectively outsource photography as your business grows

Find ways to get the images you need without creating them yourself; we guide you through vetting in and investing in the right photography service that meets you where you are. We give you practical tips on tackling the challenges and approaches to hired photography that work.

Increase sales with proper photo placement and SEO on your Shopify store

The product photography course will also demonstrate starting up your Shopify store, then building up your Shopify theme with great photography. Learn to evaluate your pages and devise a plan that meets your brand vision and showcases your product. We also give you professional suggestions on boosting your SEO through your images.

We hope that this free product photography course will serve as a beginner's guide and a helpful touchstone as you experiment with eCommerce photography. 

Visit the Shopify Compass Page to start the course.

Happy Shooting !

Written by Joey Chalmers

Joey is the Administrative Assistant at Products On White Photography, lending a hand at various stages from the beginning to the end of POW’s process. Joey has a background in illustration and passion for detail and design.