Google Display Network Indesign Template

Google Display Network Indesign Template

At POW! were here to help the small business owner any way we can.  Marketing is important and Google adwords is the phonebook of today. So having a strong presence is important.  Creating a beautifully designed Google Display Network Image campaign is cumbersome, but it makes a huge difference for your website and business.

When working on POW!’s GND campaign, I was looking for an Indesign template that had all the sizes pre-made and ready to drop stuff into it.  I couldn’t find anything.  So, I made my own and now I give it you.

It’s got all the sizes, in order as they are on the adwords uploader, so that when you export them, you can just go down the list and keep track:


300 x 50

Mobile leaderboard

468 x 60


728 x 90


250 x 250


200 x 200

Small square

336 x 280

Large rectangle

300 x 250

Inline rectangle

120 x 600


160 x 600

Wide skyscraper


A few tips to remember when designing:

– View it at ‘actual size’, so that you can see the stuff as it would on a real screen.

– Export as a jpeg high or above.  The limit is 50k each image.

– The template is saved in an indesign cs5.5 format on a mac, so if you have problems sorry.

If you end up using the template and like it, let me know or if you really like it you could add a back link in your website or blog.

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Written by Jeff Delacruz

Jeff is president of Products On White Photography. He's worked with 100's of ecommerce and Amazon sellers over the last 10 years. Prior to starting POW! he was a freelance commercial photographer in Chicago. He's an expert on technical photography, digital marketing & sales. He really likes cats.