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The beauty industry is highly competitive, but our photos help set your brand apart.

When it Comes To Beauty Product Photography 
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From small indie beauty brands to large corporations with multiple brands, we’ve seen it all. Our photography team is well versed in studio lighting and the appropriate techniques needed to make your beauty products shine. Beauty Product photography is ever evolving; our cosmetic stylist and team of photographers are here to make sure your listings are always up to par with the beauty industry leaders.
Beauty Product Photography By POW!

Our Beauty Product Photography Services

From simple on white photos to more stylized lay flats, we can help create the product photography your brand needs to level up your product listings.

White Backgroud Hero Photos That Rock 

When it comes to On White Product Photography for Beauty Brands, an Image is worth a thousand words. An on-white photo doesn’t have to be boring. On the contrary, High-quality On White Product images help build authority and trust from your customers.

Blow your competition out of the water and show your brand’s unique style by getting creative with lighting, shadows and highlights.

Creative Group + Props Photography

Enhance your listings with creative group shots + props. This style of beauty product photography is a fantastic technique to showcase your product in a fashion forward way.

Highlight your product’s star ingredient by including it as a prop in a flat lay. Getting creative with blocks or risers helps create dimensions and shadows.

These images are also extremely powerful design assets that go beyond listings. They can be used as website Banner Images, Promotional Content for Print or Digital, and even make killer Social Media posts.
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Lifestyle Composites That Wow!

Our Lifestyle Composite serivce can truely take your beauty brand to the next level.  We can place your product realistically into an existing stock photo, but light and retouch it to make it look real.  

Actual lifestyle photos done at a professional level are very expensive.  This service makes it affordable to anyone!

Hand Photography For Beauty Listings

Hand photos for beauty listings are a fun way to show your product’s size and gives your customer a more complete look at what they are getting when shopping with your brand. These images can be simple and straight on or can be more stylized to showcase your brands unique aesthetic.

While these images are not mandatory, they are becoming more and more popular due to their regular use by large brands such as Glossier, Tarte Cosmetics, J.Hannah and Herbivore.

Cosmetic Product Smears and Swatches

Cosmetic Smear Images are indispensable assets for beauty brands. In the past, this category of beauty product photography has only been available to large brands. POW! has made getting Cosmetic Smear/Swatch images easier than ever for brands of all sizes.

Whether your brand is looking to showcase the actual texture of your products or just the color, POW! has a cosmetic swatch solution that will fit your brands needs.

Cosmetic Smears & Swatch Photography Services

When it comes to cosmetic smears and swatch photography we’ve got you covered here at POW! We have two different services for you to choose from.

Custom Cosmetic Smears and Swatches Images

Custom smears are one-of-a-kind images that demonstrate the unique texture of your product. These shots are commissioned by brands and carefully crafted in studio by our Cosmetic Stylist and retouching team.

Our team of highly skilled professionals are experienced in the art of cosmetic smears and swatches and are ready to bring your creative vision to life.

Before placing your order we ask that you take a look at our portfolio for examples of our work. If you have any questions about our capabilities or would like to know if we can recreate a specific shot, please give us a call and we can let you know if our team has the resources to create the image.

Cosmetic Product Smears and Swatches

Stock Smears are pre-made texture shots that can be hue shifted to match the exact color of your product. Stock smears are a common practice among large beauty brands and and retailers such as Sephora and Ulta.

After years of working with hundreds of beauty brands, we found that most product textures will resemble one of the textures in our gallery.

Stock smears are ideal for brands that are trying to depict color rather than exact texture. For example, stock swatches are great for brands with a single product that has a variety of color ways.
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Our team of professionals are highly skilled in the art of Beauty Product Photography. We’ve worked with 100’s of beauty brands including some of the industry leaders.

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