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Go beyond the light-tent.  Your main listing image is the most important aspect of your entire listing. 
Our photos sell more and make your product look awesome!

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10,000's of Listings Images Photographed for 1000's of sellers.  


Our Photos Are Awesome
We're photographers first. We go beyond light-tents, using sophisticated setups & retouching techniques crafted from a lifetime of experience.


Amazon Ready Images
Our images are ready for Amazon.  Just upload them when they're done.

Our Amazon Photos Sell More

Photos are literally the only thing your customers see before buying online.  If the photos are bad, it makes your product look untrustworthy and they'll move onto the next listing.  Great photos result in higher sales and make your product look awesome!


POW Photography Vs Other Options

Our Service

We Use A Custom Professional Lighting Setup
Every product is special and needs a custom lighting to make it look it's best.  We use a sophisticated 4 light strobe setup that allows us to shape light, create varying highlights, reveal detail and control shadows.  We've developed this special set specifically for on-white and it can only be a used by a formally trained photographer.


We Use Advanced Retouching Techniques
Clear, white and shiney products or a mix of both, are difficult for even experience photographers to photograph.  Since this is all we do here, we've developed techniques like Compositing, where we photograph multiple images with different lighting and blend them together.  We use this and other techniques everyday behind the scenes to make your products standout.


We Hire Vetted Professional Photographers
We know photographer's because we're owned by 15 year commercial photo industry veterans.  When hiring last year we had over 100 applications for a photographer position within 1 week of posting.  90% couldn't pass the basic skills test and only 5% could pass the advanced tests.   Everyone thinks their a photographer but only a few have the education, experience and attention to detail that can make them a POW photographer.


Easy Online Ordering, Easy Pricing
We're the only photography company with a developer on staff full-time.  We're dedicated to making this process beyond easy.  Our step by step system will keep you updated the whole process from beginning to end.  No waiting for estimates or long negotiations.  Just place your order and send us your stuff.  It's easy.  All our pricing is on our website.

Other Photographers

They Use Gadgets & Light-tents
There's all sort of gadgets that are supposed to make product photography easy.  These pre-fabricated lighting setups like light-tents or photo machines only allow  for only 1 type of boring even lighting and that's it.  Every product is different, shouldn't the lighting highlight every shape, texture and curve of your product.

Photoshop Isn't The Answer To Everything
If the lighting is bad than the usual response is to fix it in photoshop.  My photo teacher used to say "garbage in - garbage out" and this is especially true for photoshop.  If a photo is under/over exposed, the contrast is way off or the image type isn't captured in the correct file type then manipulating the image could cause it to degrade and look terrible.

Everyone Calls Themselves A Photographer
These days everyone with a cell phone considers themselves a photographer and you can definitely do a lot of stuff.  However, watching a few youtube videos and spending your lifesavings on a camera is not going to be make you an expert.  Things like f/stop, shutter-speed, ISO, balancing strobe, color balancing... are just the basics.  If your photographer can't switch the mode to M, then do you really want to trust him with the future of your product line.

Others Use Long Ordering Processes
Do you love signing contracts, being surprised by pricing, negotiating for weeks on end?  Most people don't.  Photography is an intangible good, so some photographers think they can get away with charging whatever they want whenever they want.  

What Makes A Great Amazon Listing Image

Frequently Asked Questions
By Amazon FBA Sellers

Do you shoot lifestyle?
We don't and anyone who says they can shoot a lifestyle photo for you for under $1000 is cutting a lot of corners.  I've literally seen people offer this service for $100 and use a selfie stick.  Do you really want to pay money for that?  It's probably better to do it yourself.

The reality is that Lifestyle shoots are highly complicated!  Lifestyle images are used to brand your product and tell the world that this is who your product is for.  If it looks cheap it will devastate your brand. 

Lifestyle shoots involve locations & models.  If models are involved, you'll probably need a hair/makeup and some clothing to for them to wear. If you model's outfit is dated, it could make your product look dated.  Hair styles come and go.  Did you know that using a model to promote your product requires a model release and that the model can sue you without one.

Hire specialists that know.  Hire a photographer near you that specializes lifestyle photography.  Hire us to do the white background photos.  Hire a wedding photographer to photograph your wedding.

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An image is worth 1000 words.  We know were the best and we know if you compare our photography to anything out there we'll win every time.