Can You Photoshop/Composite A Product Into A Stock Photo/ Lifestyle?

Can You  Photoshop/Composite A Product Into A Stock Photo?

Sometimes we can and sometimes we can't. Doing this sort of work is highly complex.  Please follow step 1 & step 2 and show us your project.  If we can't do it, we may know someone who can.

How To Order A Composite Photograph From POW


Step 1: Pre-visualize & plan composite

There are 2 image types involved in this process.  We can photoshop products into lifestyle imagery. This is called a Composite Image and we accept these projects on a case by case basis. Creating these types of images can be highly complex, so please read through these directions carefully before preparing your order with us.

Photo 1: Start With Your Product
This is the product that you want to be composited into the Lifestyle Image. Make sure to have it on hand while you prepare your order.  Provide us with an image of the product so we know what we're working with.

Photo 2: Pick Out The Lifestyle Image
This is the scene in which you would like us to photoshop the product image into. 

Example 1- A Kitchen Scene:
Imagine you have a bottle that you would like Photoshop composited into a kitchen scene so that it looks like it is on a counter. Imagine the place where the product will go in the photo and evaluate if it is in focus or not. Will it look realistic? 

[Example Image Of Kitchen Scene](

Example 2- A Hand Shot Without an Item:
Imagine you have a bottle that you would like composited into a scene so that it looks like it's in a person's hand.  This is a bit trickier because you have to find an image where the hand's orientation will fit the size of the product and this may be hard to find. You do not want to mislead the customer as to the scale of the item as it could result in complaints or refunds.    

[Example Image Of Hand Without An Item](

Example 3- A Hand Shot With an Item:
There are many hand images where the model is holding an item. If the item is the same size as the product you want to be photographed than we may be able to swap the item with your product but the product must be able to cover up the entire item that will be covered up. One way to test this is to hold the product in a similar way that the person in the image is holding the item. Does it look similar? In the example below, the product is about the same size as the iPhone 6 and we will switch out the item with the product. 

[Example Image Of Hand Holding An Item](

List of recommended stock photo sites

Step 2: Send us your images for review

  • Email us a link to the stock image.  Do not purchase the stock image until we look at it first. It might not work.
  • Also, email us a cell phone photo or existing image of the product you want to composite into the lifestyle image.  
  • Write out any details that are important to the image, like if you want to show the back of the product instead of the front, or anything we wouldn't normally know.
  • If we can do it, we'll get back to you with an answer asap.


Step 3: If everything is good, we'll send you an invoice

  • POW's Pricing
  • $120 per final composite image



  • Photographing the product so the lighting matches.
  • The time to retouch the product into the photograph so it looks as realistic as possible
  • All standard POW features

The Cost Of Stock Photography & Warnings

  • Stock photos must be paid for and provided by the customer.  
  • Stock photos must be licensed correctly and be provided at the resolution of no less than 3000px x 3000px
  •  Using stock photos without licensing is illegal and they use highly sophisticated software to track unlicensed images.  You will get caught if you try to use the images without permission and the fine is substantial.  


If you approve of the estimate, we'll send you an electronic invoice for the project.  If you requested other standard images, we will include those images in the estimate as well.  You'll simply click the link and check out online.  After that, it will be a standard process.  The POW Process

Step 4: We'll photograph and retouch your items

Once we receive your products, we'll turn them around in 7 business days or less from the time we receive the items.  Here's an example of the final images.