Lifestyle Or In-use Product Photography

We Do Not Offer Lifestyle/In-use Product Photography Services

This image is licensed from Istockphoto to demonstrate lifestyle services. We did not photograph this picture.

This image is licensed from Istockphoto to demonstrate lifestyle services. We did not photograph this picture.


We Do Not Photograph Lifestyle Images

We currently do not offer any Lifestyle/in-use product photography services, similar to the image above.

Why We Don't Photograph Lifestyle or In-use Photos?  

Simply, whenever you involve a model and location, the production becomes large and complicated when done at a professional level.  

Professional model fees range from $300 to $3000 for the day and are typically based on a day rate.  This may involve some sort of casting day to pick to the right talent.  A professional hair and makeup artist is a standard expense when working with models.  If there's a model involved you'll probably need to hire a clothing stylist to pick out clothing and prepare it make sure everything fits and looks nice.  

Shooting on-location at a private residence usually requires a property release.  A nice location to make your product look nice can range between $400 - $2000 for the day.  Sometimes, a production will bring in a prop stylist to stage the location.  Days to acquire and return the props are usually paid in addition to the shoot day.  

If you're shooting on location, the photographer may require special equipment and a photo-assistant to help setup everything up and speed up the shoot.  Post-production an special retouching may be required in complicated lighting situation.  Food for cast and crew is usually a required expense.

A full day of professional level lifestyle photography can result in around 5 - 10 final looks in a day, can involve between 5-6 different parties and cost between $2000 - $10,000 for the day depending on the level of production and experience of the creatives, stylist, models & locations involved.  


What Should You Do If You Need A Lifestyle Shoot

The first thing I would recommend is to contact a local commercial/lifestyle photographer in your area.  As you can see from the above, a commercial photographer gets paid not only to take photos, but bring together and manage all the talent required to produce a photoshoot.  Typically, they have resources at their disposal to create a shoot.  You should budget at least $2000 for this shoot, but do not be surprised if the estimate is more.  

Search the resources below and find a photographer whose portfolio meets your brand style.  Strangely, we get calls to do weddings and events, even though clearly it is not a service that offer in our portfolio.  Find a photographer who's portfolio matches your needs. Try and get 3 estimates.  

Commercial Photographer Organizations

Private Online Directories

What Should You Do If You Can't Afford It

There are options available to you but they could be difficult and could result in less than professional results.  Bad photography makes your business look bad, so in some cases it might be better for your brand to not use lifestyle photos until you can afford it.  

You may be able to produce your own photoshoot.  Below is a list of elements to consider when putting it together.

  • Photographer
  • Model
  • Clothing
  • Hair/Makeup
  • Location
  • Props
  • Retouching/Image Processing

You may be able to find discounted talent using Model Mayhem, a community of photographers, models and stylists that are learning or trying to break into the field.